impressions de la Chine 中國印象

J’ai deux citations en anglais que j’aimerais vous partager…
La première est des impressions d’un amérologue vivant à Pékin.
La deuxième fait parti de la revue d’un livre qui s’appelle ‘When a Billion Chinese Jump’ par Jonathan Watts.

Alors, vous pouvez discuter, rejeter, accepter des opinions exprimées en inventant vos commentaires. Les idées présentées me font réfléchir beaucoup, de la vérité trise et drôle en même temps.

quotable quotes of the week:

from an american who has been in China for a year

China is like the US in the 1950s, cuz there are:
– well defined gender roles
– people smoking everywhere and anywhere (reads indoors)
– the very strong sense of patriotism
– the economic boom

2nd quote comes from Kaiser Kuo from the printed version of the August 2010 issue of The Beijinger, in which his book review of ‘When a Billion Chinese Jump’ (by Jonathan Watts) writes:

“China, as I’ve heard it argued, is like a man who’s suffered malnutrition for decades, arriving at last at a sumptuous banquet only to be told by the other guests – all of whom have been gorging for hours and suffer from obesity, gout, hypertension and diabetes – that he mustn’t eat meat, sweets, or dairy products and should stick to a low-carb vegetarian diet. And then, to add insult to injury, when the bill comes, the others all insist that they should evenly divide the bill.”

Politics and sentiments aside, these observations and analogies do get me thinking. Aren’t you agreeing with me at least on that? Try apply that book
review quote on the failure of Copenhagen COP 15 last year, the larger international environmental landscape, as well as financial crisis… hmmm I haven’t been able to spot any contradiction from the statements made. It gotta be some kinda natural law LOL.


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