911 to West 46th to “I Sing The Body Electric” to Deanie Ip

九一一發生的時候我在紐約為人師表。我工作的地方是離時代廣場不到兩分鐘路程。那時學生、同事和我都覺得時代廣場這樣人多車多的地方沒有成為目標是不幸中之大幸。提到那所學校JKO,也就想起關於它校舍前身的演藝中學。這後者在短短的三十多年間已變成有名有氣,甚至電影 FAME 也已它做背景。電影裏的結局有一首 I sing my body electric 的歌曲,熟悉八十年代廣東歌的朋友們必會覺得旋律似曾相識!這一連串事件、 時空、地點的巧合交融自動地把它們連起來放在我的內心經歷裡。

Whenever I think about 911, I couldn’t help but retrace my path to the building of NYCBOE where I worked at the time of bombing on September 11, 2001. Among students and staff, there was always that eerie or should I, not being politically incorrect, say “lucky” feeling that Time Square wasn’t where the planes hit. We were closer than a stone’s throw from Time Square! Anyways, where we the faculty worked or our students studied, played and danced, JKOHS, occupies the FAMEd (the movie) site of Performing Arts (PA), after the latter  settled uptown at its merged location with Music and Art as LaGuardia at Lincoln Center in the 1980s.

JKOHS is not as glamourous as PA, but many of my former students did dance, given we have the stage in an auditorium, but not a full fledge gym. If PA had achieved, through motion picture, national and international FAME in its fewer than 40 years of independant identity (from LaGuardia), I think JKOHS can have a bright shinning future if the formula is right.

Change of gear back to the movie, the accumulating climax in Fame as an orchestral pop I sing the body electric is therefore a double si elle n’est pas une triple entente. My Childhood, coincided with the then high-flying era of 1980s’ Cantonpop, included vivid memories of a smash hit Chinese version of the rendition by Deanie Ip 葉德嫻 and Elisa Chan 陳潔靈 called “千個太陽 (A thousand suns)”. No this is not six degree of separation… This is so corny but may those affected by tragedies like 9.11 or the recent 8.23 shooting of Hong Kong tourists find strength in the lyrics from the songs and rebuild their lives.

Je ne suis pas responsable pour la possibilité d’une entente quadrupède à cause de l’occasion présentée par la version chinoise en haut. C’était un événement émouvant lui-même.

J’ai oublié à vous dire un des chanteurs dans I sing the body electric devenu un medecin sur ER. On se trouve également une très jeune Irene Cara dans le rôle de Coco. Incroyable!

Deanie Ip , 千個太陽 image from  eimg.com.tw

Deanie Ip , 千個太陽 image from eimg.com.tw


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