un an après 一年之後

just over one year ago, the earth shocked under this island country in the Carribean. Upon digging this unpublished stock photo I have, it fitted in a soberly silence manner about the natural diasaster happened just over a year ago. To make things worse, the political instability in Haiti is hindering the reconstruction of infrastructure in the country.

eerie reminder ?  可怕的聯想?

eerie reminder ? 可怕的聯想?

and I didnt tell you i superimposed my opinions to the offical descriptions of the exhibits, but here they are:

primo – referring to the “rubbles” on the ground



secondo – for the two plaques on the wall

dah dah dah dah

dah dah dah dah

Jumping from Middle East to the Carribean, the irony of “peace” – message borne by the display is lacking in the post-earthquake Haiti. The “voices” of the islanders were not heard either. Restoring normalty to the country will be a long and slow process.


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