In their own words (1) 她/他之言 (一)

Chatting with NS, who is French, we arrived on the subject of nationalism and national flags. Contrary to my general beliefs about for example, Canadians, who would be pride enough to travel and SHOW their lapel pins with the Canadian flag or Tim Hortons mugs, etc., the French, according to NS, would not generally show their flag, unless of course, if someone is ultra-nationalist like Le Front National. Her comments reminded me of Taiwan, where I was for their Double tenth celebration last year. Although there were a lot of youth participating as volunteers, many flags used in the festivities were discarded immediately after the major events of the day. What about your country? Are your fellow citizens patriotic and show their flags proudly, or they are larger-than-country pacifists who see identification beyond national boundaries and are willing members of the global village rather than mere nationals in their home countries? Are these two ideas mutually exclusive? Can you be loyal to your country and be a follower of pacifism at the same time?

NS from France

NS from France

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