Black Panthers – Agnès Varda

法國名導演安妮.華達於1968拍關於Black Panthers,一個在美國的黑人平權組織的紀錄片。Black Panthers 在六零年代末的美國當然是富爭議性。然而那個學運、反戰的年代也是各種平權運動發聲,翻天覆地的年代。在“所謂”自由平等的美國,黑人,甚至伸延至其他少數民族的平權路皆是艱難的。試聽聽受訪者的談話,看能否給你在社會、經濟、環境、同志、少數民族等的社會公義問題上得到啟示。It’s Black History Month in the USA and Canada. Even though I am not there now, when I got a chance to scan at Agnès Varda’s DVD shorts that my friend borrowed, I thought it would be appropriate viewing and then blogging Black Panthers (1968), one of Varda’s numerous short films.

Inspirational young leaders, definitely not how the government at the time had demonized them, appeared in the 26 minute documentary. Looking at social justices issues, the Blacks in the late 1960s to now at 2011, discrimination is still alive and well unfortunately, with battle grounds still with all forms of injustices whether it is minority groups, immigrants, low income people, LGBTs, etc.

Big Afro hair, proud to be “natural”, NOT straight hair, not just light skin.
The appearance may be dated, but self acceptance and affirmation of the concerned groups is part of coming of age of any social movement.

Black is beautiful, FREE HUEY!

version originale française ici 法語版本:

English Narration here 英語旁白:


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