Chinese diaspora in the USA 2011

Jean Quan won Oakland mayor’s race and became the first female Asian American mayor of a major city.

Almost immediately just days after, San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted Edwin Lee to succeed Gavin Newsom as mayor, as the latter was elected California’s lieutenant governor in November 2010. So this 2nd of the one-two punch put another Chinese American as a mayor for a city of real international caliber, San Francisco.

I haven’t really set foot in San Francisco apart from a one-time transit on the way from New York back to Hong Kong. However, for Asian Americans hungry for more visibility of their own. These are gigantic steps for them, just as Chang-Lien Tien became the the first Asian American chancellor of UC Berkeley to first Asian American United States Secretary of Energy, Dr. Steven Chu or Gary Locke as the secretary at the Department of Commerce. Well, at least the days of counting some congressmen/women from Hawaii or 2nd or 3rd line actors in Hollywood are over. Oops, was I being too harsh on the Asian-American community?

How xenophobic can America gets?
Even with Gary Locke as Secretary of Commerce, Steven Chu as Secretary for Energy, the downward spiralling economy in the U.S. led some organisations to resort to scaring people, exemplified by a video like this:

Even with an African American at the helm of the presidency of the land of the free, can you imagine a video depicting Afican professors in such a video if South Africa or some other nation is poise to become a superpower?

Coincidentally, I browsed through a book called “My mom is a fob” which originated as the linked blog. The foreward by Margaret Cho speaks volume of the discrimination faced by Asian-Americans then til now.

If instead of fear, the panicking Americans want an alternative look at China, perhaps they should check out this talk by Martin Jacques

With all the dust settled and what not, in the year 2011, Asians Americans are still shouldering the burden of perpetual immigrants, American born or not.


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