9/11, 10th anniversary

"911 truth" will we ever uncover it?

"911 truth" will we ever uncover it?

I dunno whether it’s an insider job. I simply know civil liberties went very much backwards in the USA and it is
100% a police state these days. I still have many nice and close friends from the USA but I don’t want to set foot on this land of the “free” anytime soon. I was living in the city that affected most by 911, NYC and was working just east of Time Square, between 6th and 7th Aves. That would have been another popular “target” given the amount of traffic and people and what not passing through.

"911 truth" bus as seen in Vancouver, July 2011

"911 truth" bus as seen in Vancouver, July 2011

Of course it was an eerie experience in NYC at the time. I remember the strange “smell” I would detect while waiting for the No. 7 subway train at the 40th Street station in Queens in the days if not weeks after the towers’ collapse. The asbestos and toxins that got released into the air, the many many lives perished. Not to mention the conspicuously altered skyline of Manhattan viewable from Long Island City as well as many parts of the city.

bus tagged "vancouver911truth.org"

bus tagged "vancouver911truth.org"

New York might still be a very lovely city, even though that country I know as USA probably had shifted very much to the right as we know it.

Now i am NOT AT ALL into conspiracy theroies but I came across this bus in Vancouver in Canada in July 2011. Interestingly though someone sent me a link to a video about the hotel tower that collapsed, later in the afternoon on the same day that twin towers were reduced to debris and dust.

When will atrocities ever end?


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