Holistic Education

coarse excerpt of Satish Kumar’s talk on holistic education

the misconception of education is trying to fill up the empty bucket/ basket
a better metaphor from Kumar is
Bringing out what is INSIDE

Imagine the learner is a seed.
Work of gardener and orchard is to provide good water, environment, sunshine, protection, care, etc so the seed can grow
bringing self out of yourself.
Education is a journey of self-realisation.
unfortunately, spending $$$ on education is reduced to getting a degree then a job.
the education in UK is only read, write, math, which means education of the head only, negliging the body, mind, hands, etc.

The 3Hs for Holistic:




Malegram of relationships
schools fail to help you “develop” relationships
your heart for love, passion, generosity, emotions, etc.

15% of Form Six graduates DONT know how to boil an egg!

An artist is NOT a special kind of person but every person is a special artist. The biggest art is the art of living.
(People performing) knitting, cooking, crafting, architecture, etc. are artists.
Unconditional love, compassion, etc of apple tree – don’t refuse anymore
Universities filling us with knowledge, but depriving us of experiences.

problem of studying “about” nature and not “from” nature
worldview of conquering, using nature
this (philosophy of) human imperialism has to challenged
Rather, a partnership with nature – both GIVE and take. RECEIPOCITY
Human only give pollution, climate, global warming, etc.
Greatest teaching of Buddha is compassion.
If we’re related to call people we have to be compassionate with gratitude that we take from nature
Thank earthworms for burrowing the soil
Create your livelihood.


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