Many people got married today, at least one hundred and thirty some couples, according to the government.  The figure is reliable because that’s the capactity of  local government Marriage Registries. Why such a rush. The sequence of “Ones” supposedly bringing good luck for connotations as such as one couple for living one life together as one unit etc.

I, on the other hand digged out old photos.

Taken on floor 11

十一樓 11étage

十一樓 11 étage

not necessarily on building 11, but they were both taken

from a foregone housing development in Kowloon, Hong Kong, on this special date!

十一座  Bâtiment No. 11

十一座 Bâtiment No. 11

There is one more playable date like this in this century in thirteen months: 2012-12-12.



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