he says shes says 2 她/他之言 (二)

random thoughts from people afar, following
In their own words (1) 她/他之言 (一)

Herr Okin of Deutschland…

Stereotypes are sometimes true, but they are only part of the stories.

Germans do know how to cook, so said Okin. During his visit in Hong Kong, Far East’s culinary capital, he proudly found a German resto, thus his homeland’s represenation, on Pratt street in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Okin might be what awaits us in 21st century, where ethnic and national identities are mixed and not as apprently clear and simple as it seems. He is of Middle-Eastern breed but German born and feels 100% German or European.

Amina de Barcelona…
Catalonians… 7 million… when the chinese visit, they would ask 7 million, what kinda hotel u wanna fit them into in china?

Equality of pay, no women ministers or PM… sexualised culture, etc.  that ‘s Espana stuck in patrimony.

Herr Okin, Deustchland

Okin in TST

Okin in TST

la bella de Espana

Amina de Barcelona

Amina de Barcelona

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