bye bye 2011

The world needs to go Rehab…. that’s my conclusion from the havoc in 2011:
The earthquake in Japan, the economic crisis in Europe. Trust me, 2012 will NOT get any better ‘cuz we are not changing the way we CONSUME in radical ways.

Environmental wise, rich countries don’t want to be responsible for the luxury that they enjoy having went through industrilisation whn polluting the planet. Take Canada, which quits Kyoto, probably because it doesn’t want to pay up $1,600 for each Canadian for failing green house gas emission targets in the Kyoto protocol. Truely shameful for all Canadians, myself included.

countries missing emission targets   減排不到位

countries missing emission targets 減排不到位

we have to face the music, not waiting til the morning after the NYE party, when people are plunged into post-holiday syndrome in ABBA style happy new year.

PS I was dancing to the Amy Winehouse’s number with a friend the night of 23 July 2011 in Van city, little did I know that was more likely a tribute to the “drug” queen, her nake name in local Chinese press back here in Hong Kong. C’est tellement triste!

If there was anything good, that came in 2011, it must be the Jasmine Revolution, but then UK, USA and France are looking at the black gold in certain places like vultures.

The new roller-coaster called 2012 is here, are you ready to ride?


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