from American Debt to Quoom1 & Jessica Latshaw

The irresponsibility of governments, corporations and individuals that lead us to this so called ‘global’ economic crisis, ironically satirized in this short film about. I won’t dampen your spirit forcefully (which you can through self-imposed S&M by watching the video linked above.) Instead, the clip below rekindles my love for NYC, a place where I lived on and off for almost ten years from the 90s right into the first few years of this millenium. I am biased, but just as expressed in the title of the video, not LA nor Wind city nor San Diego nor San Francisco nor Boston nor anywhere else in the USA would have that level of spontaneous vibrancy of strangers. Thanks in part, I believe, to the long gap between stations on the express D or A train running along Central Park West. I might not like America – random examples of political hegemony, or the quantitative easing externalising responsibilities to other countries or watching South Sudan oil like vultures and so on that would probably take an equal time since the very existance of the USA to list – but I still love NYC in 2012. How nice to see humanity at work on the subway, not to mention it brings back memories of subway rides between 125th Street and Columbus Circle.

drummer: Quoom1 on youtube
singer: Jessica Latshaw’s myspace, and blog:

Any one wanna learn ukulele or drumming now?

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