Opium Dreams, part of justice?!?

I must be becoming an old school or suffering from intergenerational and/or intercultural gaps. If not, how come this latest case of appropriation caught my eye again in the form of a forwarded link.

It is not happening in my turf but half a world away in Montréal. Is this another episode of bananas disconnected with the past transgressing taboos or me being over sensitive?

opium dream

and i dont draw the parallel with LGBT people reclaiming the word ‘queer’ nor black people with the ‘n’ word.

Opium dreams,

Opium Dreams' ad

Opium Dreams' ad

part of Act en Action

Art en action

Art en action

What disturbs me? Act en Action is supposedly art contributions related to social and environmental justice, as stated on their website. I dunno if Opium Dreams measured up to the goal. A title that reminds me more of colonialism and invasion and injustice than social justice and activism, it certainly got my attention, in a skeptical way.


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