Hidalgo, La Historia Jamás Contada

Hidalgo, The Never Told Story.

Miguel Hidalgo, whose name wasn’t even mentioned in full in the
introduction when it was screened at a local film festival. The
presenter, however, highlighted that it tells a lesser known and
more controversial side of Hidalgo, who is probably one, if not
the grandfather of the Mexican independant revolution.

Digging up his more mainstream info I found on wiki, he was born in the colonies of Spaniard descent. His prisethood mingled with his love life, his European ancestry intertwined with his
friendship as well as appreciation of indigenous peoples and their
languages, his references to the destiny of French royalties as a
result of the aftermath of the French Revolution, and ironically
his attraction to French bourgeoise or théâtre français (as accused by certain people he came into contact with), are a sampling traits of a revolutionary in the making. Even though his death as well as those around him, directly or remotely linked to the rebellions were bloody and graphic to say the least. It is not difficult for the uninformed to take a peek into the more playful, colourful or non-conventional aspect of the martyr in the modern Mexican nation building process.

Hidalgo, La Historia Jamás Contada

Hidalgo, La Historia Jamás Contada

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