Towngas’ plagiarised “move” 中華煤氣抄襲之“行”

I saw the trilogy – “LEARN”, “EAT” and “MOVE” – from some Aussie production on travel almost a year ago in August 2011. Given I am least inclined to “LEARN”, while pampering the tastebuds with aroma and the cone cells with breathtaking scenary bring more guilty and not so guilty pleasures, “EAT” and “MOVE”, though very condensed one-minute productions, left ichy travel bug impressions. Apparently, some workhorses in an advertising firm in Hong Kong agreed with me, for ten months later in June 2012 through cathode tube, i saw a plagiarised version for Towngas in Hong Kong. Hey you PR/advertising folks who did the ad, you’ve got to push the envelop harder or you will be mocked as some money-cheating copycats!

差不多一年前看過的一分鐘旅遊短片“MOVE”(行),是某個澳洲團隊拍的三部曲之一。 2012年6月某晚,我驚訝地發現在公仔箱裡看見替香港中華煤氣有限公司拍150週年廣告是搬字過紙的抄下來的版本。 做廣告或公關的朋友們,應該有多一點創意,要不然你們只是一個懂EAT和MOVE而不懂LEARN的騙飯吃的大飯筒而已!

So the original “LEARN” 旅行 的“行”

and the cloned DNA version for Towngas HK’s 150th anniversary
香港中華煤氣有限公司 150周年的抄襲廣告

the rest of the triology 三部曲之二 “學”:


and the mouthwatering EAT 三部曲之三 “吃”

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