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note  29 juillet 2018: J’ai trouvé ce brouillon parmi les autres dans mon compte wordpress, je ne sais pas pk je n’avais pas le terminer. En tout cas, comme la France est encore le sujet du jour, pour une raison violente à cause d’Alexandre Benalla, c’est une bonne occasion à mettre la lumière sur l’hexagone. Tous les textes qui suivent sont de 2015 (was the time the text  below was written, for whatever reason I didn’t publish it. The memories of former American state governors Cuomo and Richards,  unrelated to the violent acts on Charlie Hebdo in France, occupied my state of mind three years ago.

from / de 2015:

 je ne suis PAS Charlie

espérant que l’on ne devient pas tous Auschwitz!

2015 got off to a rough start. Mario Cuomo’s passing was almost hidden upder the radar screen in my part of the world, if not for a brief mention I didn’t know he was gone. Well it was my formative college years’ political figures like Koch, Dinkins, D’Amato etc.

I still remember the Frito Lay ad Ann Richards and Cuomo did, right after they both lost their governorships

The bloody insane killings in Paris catapulted people in putting their je suis / nous sommes signs, but pas charlie

what about the palestinian children killed in Gaza last year, or the Mexican students disappeared or presumably murdered? or victims of other atrocities? Sure some humans are more equal than the others and Bibi’s presence is always creepy!
heads of state match in Paris 2015

but then akward stuff happen more often than you think, such as the bear hug between Obama (read Snowden, decline of civil liberties, amongst other achievements) and Modi (read 2002 Gujarat violence) or McCain calling protesters ‘scum’ for calling out Kissinger (who decades before Obama, is also a Nobel Peace Laureate). And yes, in my opinion both laureates should be held accountable for war crimes!

This month has seen various reports commemorating the 70 anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camps. To keep history from repeating itself is still like running on a treadmill.

Bumpy ride ahead, 2015!

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