tous les soleils

songs from “tous les soleils“, a film  with many italian references make me remember it to this date.  i dunno if i would have the same curiosity if i understand italiano and the various dialects / languages close-by.

“Luna Lunedda” (Pizzica) – La Tarantella: a very boisterous and joyous opening

with italianness exaggerated to hilarious proportions, perhaps to appease the residents of l’hexagone. the story took place in Strasbourg, centered on a professor of classical music to weave  a credulous storyline.

“Silencio d’Amuri” is a rather sad or romantic number towards the end.


quelle fin triste mais egalement musicale

sogna fiore mio

the film reminded me of yves montrand and marcello mastroianni who left their marks in french cinema. how many famous french actresses or actors can perform in spanish or italian anyway?


ps. if u speak italian, can u tell me if any of the songs were sung in dialects or languages other than italian?

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