salud en los tiempos de la corona


plastic forceps, dressing tray, sterile field, non woven sponges… these things have been repeatedly consumed for the past six months on my dad, during the two hospitalizations and as well as the many community health nurses’ at-home follow-up services. owing to his old age, my dad did not have his gallbladder removed since he had this acute inflammation and fever in early November 2019. If he were 15 years or more younger, the surgeons would have removed that gallstone generating organ without second though, as i deduced simply by eavesdropping his ward neighbour. fortunately for him, that organ is apparently back to functioning after prolonged external tube draining, wound-dressing, etc. just one and a half week short of 6 months. if there is any advice for those of you have a weakness for unhealthy, greasy, low-fiber, dehydrated daily diet, my blunt and my-own-dad-tormented advice is DROP YOUR BAD HABITS WHILE YOU ARE STILL YOUNG(ER) AND SANE. it not only hurts your eventual caretakers, in this case mostly  my mom, and part-time-wise, me, additionally it will make taking any remedial actions almost impossible, as in my father’s case who has alzheimers and his stubborn,  deranged perceptions of his own well being or the lack of therein really has been painful and brings anguish to everyone involved. he gets a break now until his bad habits get the better of him in a few years time.

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