under the udala trees

under the udala trees


this is the second book i read in the past year that relates to nigeria. no longer revolving around the capital lagos region, the story unfolded in the eastern state called biafra.

going to a book club meeting meant i got some off-wikipedia information on the biafra war of independence, which wasn’t a civil war.

the protagonist is a girl with an affinity for girls. strangely stepping right into the intersection of black lives matter and lgbt+ pride, or struggle rather, i felt the violence, the jubilation, the compromise of various characters mirror the non-stop protests and chatter you see and feel everywhere these days. of course there is the usual critique of expatriated africans telling stories from afar. how much would this oeuvre bring about progressive change? it is not a one-of-a-kind story, it won’t give you a thorough inception to the most populous african nation, i would still recommend it if you want an escape to the continent while sipping tea on your rocking chair on the verandah.


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