red blue green and cny






Lee Tung Ave, under the new year’s celebrative red was not quite it was for those small business owners and residents who got chased out of the area for this development. Now, full of roman alphabet signage next to the occasional, seasonal tradition chinese festivals’ decor, one must wonder how much of the original characteristics of the community have been preserved, if at all.

meanwhile, over the other side of the pond by  tsim sha tsui waterfront, setting-up and rehearsals for the lunar new year day parade and performances are underway.













作畫者: 何君玲   國際五邑書畫家協會

galette bretonne

certains de mes amis savent que j’aime des petites pauses de collations. des biscuits, du pain, etc. parmi les biscuits, la galette bretonne me gusta mucha! les biscuits français sont pas mal cher ici (meme de marque industrielle comme casino). l’autre jour quand j’étais à shenzhen, j’ai tombé sur ces exemplaires de bon prix…


il faut souligner que ce n’est pas le prix que j’ai payé

et…ni celui-ci dessous


la photo n’affiche pas ici mais je vous dire que j’étais assez satisfait.  étant donné que l’empreinte carbone de la france à la chine est élevé, on pourrit dire que le prix ne montre pas le vrai coût attribué aux tous les parties impliquées.



venezuela, whom to trust?

a really depressing topic, given people don’t see juan guaido’s  ridiculous self-proclamation as president is an attempt of usa backed coup d’état. understandably, one might say, because mainstream media in usa and other nato states work like propaganda machines. however tale-telling finds and associations do appear, if one leaves no stone unturned. take this strange (or you might think outrageous) comparison to the 74th anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz camp and his thank you to the israeli pm.  if the war crimes committed to the palestinians serve well as an indicator, perhaps you will see through msm’s thick smog of fake news.


2019 year of the pig

2019一來到,某天發現舊區的兩家品店, 鋪天蓋地紅色貨物如花卉盛放,光明正大地提示大家農曆年就到! 紅色的不單是店舖,街邊檔寫揮春也生意滔滔!

a sudden blossom of red from the stores, on the streets, bravely remind us lunar new year of the pig is right around the corner, a week earlier than 2018, which sprinkle the locals a holiday spiritred

Mangkhut 山竹

Mangkhut isn’t your typical fruit (name contributed by Thailand) and ravaged the Philippines (where over 100 lives perished) and led to chaos and damages in Hong Kong unseen in recent history.


Trees were found two months blocking passageways or dangling next to pavements.  If there is a take home message that get hammered from time to time yet ignored but the majority of the populace, it’s “climate change”. It’s here and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon and it might well get much worse.



印象中巴士服務很少在8號風球除下以後受阻,但山竹這次使到部份偏遠路線幾日、甚至一星期才恢復!Bus services never missed a bit for anything weaker than a No.8 typhoon signal were seriously disrupted for up to a week for certain remote routes, especially in the New Territories.


And on to the trees that fell, I was surprised to learn some were fragrant emitting agarwood-like that were uprooted. That certainly was the case near a bus terminal in my neighbourhood where many trees were down. A breeze with the pleasant scent not normally there signaled the end of those trees, which took years to grow to their considerable grandeur and more likely irreplaceable in this over-built city.




l’europe animale – physiologie comique 2018

soulève un tempête entre des fetes, c’est exactement que je fais maintenant hahaha… les dernière semaines ont vu des débats et des chaos sur le brexit. par hasard il y a trois semaines, j’ai tombé sur une exposition à la city university of hong kong (cityu) , qui a ‘ANiMAL‘ comme thème. une copie de caricature parvient d’un musée en hollande se situe propre et centre du tout, un siècle plus tard!


une pieuvre électrique qui est la cause des problèmes encore!

 what the trump,

that’s a book i randomly found on the shelf from a local public library. hardly touched, so i picked it up for a rapid one-hour skimming and amusement. i am quite surprised at the right on content of this january 2017 published book. for all its worth, the caricature stays pretty up-to-date even when placed side-by-side to the most current apparitions in various media now, december 2018.

20181219_what the trump

sprinkled with false progressive  comparison  to obama while bringing it bernie sanders. i must give the author credit for they probably had a better grip of the america’s out-of-touch political elitist left’s snobby show of stealing the democratic party nomination from sanders than the general public would care! it is a false progressive discourse because of the xenophobic, i-am-good-you-are-evil sort of categorizing certain non-anglo-saxon leaders and putting them in the same league with brexiters


the real problem the world faces is not trump for he is just a reincarnation of an amalgam of lots of people who cannot maintain a dignified livelihood plus  also a lot of those who want to maintain their wealth.  and the reality is, whoever in power cannot bridge the gap between the haves and have-nots.




垃圾翻譯 之 蓋特威克

垃圾翻譯 之 蓋特威克

不經意地從電視聽到英國倫敦第二大機場因為無人機要關閉時,『硬耳』地重複又重複聽到乜乜物物機場。唔明白才使我注意睇下係邊到、係咪新嘅機場,又或者第三嘅luton airport已變第二等等。後來才發覺tvb無綫唔用簡單、準確嘅吉域 嚟翻譯gatwick,新、舊媒體中只有明報似樣啲!講廣東話嘅、唔通英文嘅人睇到咁嘅報導真係睇到一舊舊,一頭霧水。


tvb 如是


所謂香港為先嘅 蘋果 亦如是


新嘅媒體 端傳媒、hk01 也如是


只有明報嘅譯名夠地道,吉 域 兩個音 拼出嚟gat wik 跟gatwick 嘅英文串法只差一字母而已!廣東話嘅沒落,呢啲拍馬屁、亂套普通話不倫不類、既長又不達意翻譯嘅媒體都係罪魁禍首!

changing human nature

crispr in the news, and people are shocked and many condemned dr he jianhui for the gene editing done on the twin girls born.


this has  been a long way since ivf, the ethical conversations must always maintained and will continue. however, what is at stake is the potential billions of dollars involved to be gained for the “personal shopping experience” in manipulating our our body, which unfortunately are viewed upon but those people and companies and institutions with money  and power as revolutionizing or traumatizing the way we will be (as in humanoids or frankensteins), regardless of moral ethics. that, is my pessimistic prediction given the gmos in agri-alimentary businesses and pervasive and evasive nanotechnology stuff already running around!

webcasts for the 2nd international summit on human gene editing can be found here: