fête ok, bêtise non 唔好樂極忘形

已經係第二次寫法國贏世界盃。唔係讚,仲可能係彈,視乎八卦返黎既資料。事緣決賽當晚居港法人組織 union des français de l’étranger (ufe) 搞嘅直播慶祝被酒店追收hk$40 000損壞物件嘅罰款。中文媒體可能冇乜點提,南華早報裏訪問ufe 主席說當晚給酒店消費hk$300 000,  (每人入場費hk$200)。如果大家花生友留意到之前發生gobee bike 撤出巴黎以至法國,或會覺得高盧人行徑有跡可尋。不過係外邊窺探he said, she said時,會否可能是酒店想要多啲貼士而鋸佢哋一頸血呢?如果你得閒冇嘢做,想做下福爾摩斯可以睇睇流咗出嚟啲相再下定論!

c’est la deuxième fois que j’écris sur la coupe du monde de football.

est-ce quelque chose dégueulasse  ou un hôtel qui ne pense que d’argent? les fans de les bleus à hong kong ont fait des dégâts lorsque la final en juillet. si c’était un groupe de chinois qui a créé la bêtise, ça serait finir par un tour des médias. mais on est à hong kong, ou la france a toujours le stéréotype de bons vins, de haute couture, etc.

pour être juste, je n’étais pas sur place, et le reportage sur scmp prend un ton comme la lutte éternelle entre la france et la grande bretagne.  mais si vous regardez des photos sorties en ligne, vous savez ma perception sans le dire!




the impossible

an ordinary name for a film that reenacted a very out of the ordinary event for those who lived through it. a 2012 spanish / american mainstream film production adapted from a spaniard family’s real account in the 2004 south-east asia’s indian ocean earthquake and subsequent devastating tsunami. the story revolves around the bennett family, whose mom and eldest son were separated form the dad and the younger two kids when the tsunami hit. the visual effects looked real and dramatic, with people and much bigger and at sharp debris bouncing back and forth in a gigantic whirlpool. naomi watts, whom i have been watching since her performances in 21 grams and king kong, gave a solid performance, with all the bruised make-up and such. her son in the film, tom holland, also delivered, with the scene reuniting with his two younger siblings especially touching. i dunno why the director casted ewan mcgregor, who just appeared a just tad too photogenic for someone running around in rags searching for his wife and kids.

the earthquake and tsunami were daily headlines for at least a few weeks for what i recall – my friend and i were glued to tv and interest newscasts re reports coming out nightly at home for much of the christmas and new year holidays then. what stuck me, apart from the good story-line (the real story can’t be bad, eh?) was the still the very european / white (well actually anglo, for the characters’ names were anglicized) narrative. the thai people were pretty much in and out of the background. perhaps the white privileged expats (an insurance company paid for medical evacuation flight to singapore for the five-member family at the end) did only hang out with each other, but this answers exactly the posts i ‘ve been seeing these days on “crazy rich asians” (the film) perpetuating stereotypes. society won’t advance unless diversity of storytelling take centre stage

三蚊雞太熟嘅香蕉 hk$3 overripe bananas


諷刺嘅係,最近播第二輯嘅 rthk 惜食地球人2 上一輯2016年有一集(食得唔好嘥)講到百分之五十嘅食物重種植到餐桌中間可能浪費咗 如果批發商、超市、等唔好帶頭唔靚唔要,又唔好賺錢賺到盡,擺到爛先至來減價,也許會互謂商家、消費者和環境三方面!

so i bought 7 or 8 very ripe bananas (half of them were shown in pic) for a dirt cheap price of hk$3, i.e. 0,3€, but am not at all thankful to the big name local supermarket chain, its store manager or the lady in charge of marking down perishable items. the fact is that those 50 or 60 or so overripe bananas sitting on the shelves would very likely end up in the landfill ‘cuz they really really didn’t look appetizing to the consumers, even the smart, money-saving housewives, grannies or bargain-hunting domestic workers. it seems maximizing profits is of paramount precedence that the store manager or person-in-charge wouldn’t lower price until the appearance turn customers off. this is false environmental consciousness from the merchants’ point of view. it might very well not existed at all, any sort of consciousness or conscience in a predatory merchant-consumer market. sad eh?

三民主義 le triple démisme



dans l’epoque où des seigneurs de la guerre ont effectivement partitionné la chine dans les années 1920, cet enregistrement sonore de sun yat sen, promouvant le triple démisme et le texte traduit en français en 1924 documentent une chine au chaos. prèsque un siècle a passé, la vie des gens ordinaire a-t-elle été améliorée? je pense que chacun tient son avis au coeur.

suen wen

back to 2015

note  29 juillet 2018: J’ai trouvé ce brouillon parmi les autres dans mon compte wordpress, je ne sais pas pk je n’avais pas le terminer. En tout cas, comme la France est encore le sujet du jour, pour une raison violente à cause d’Alexandre Benalla, c’est une bonne occasion à mettre la lumière sur l’hexagone. Tous les textes qui suivent sont de 2015 (was the time the text  below was written, for whatever reason I didn’t publish it. The memories of former American state governors Cuomo and Richards,  unrelated to the violent acts on Charlie Hebdo in France, occupied my state of mind three years ago.

from / de 2015:

 je ne suis PAS Charlie

espérant que l’on ne devient pas tous Auschwitz!

2015 got off to a rough start. Mario Cuomo’s passing was almost hidden upder the radar screen in my part of the world, if not for a brief mention I didn’t know he was gone. Well it was my formative college years’ political figures like Koch, Dinkins, D’Amato etc.

I still remember the Frito Lay ad Ann Richards and Cuomo did, right after they both lost their governorships

The bloody insane killings in Paris catapulted people in putting their je suis / nous sommes signs, but pas charlie

what about the palestinian children killed in Gaza last year, or the Mexican students disappeared or presumably murdered? or victims of other atrocities? Sure some humans are more equal than the others and Bibi’s presence is always creepy!
heads of state match in Paris 2015

but then akward stuff happen more often than you think, such as the bear hug between Obama (read Snowden, decline of civil liberties, amongst other achievements) and Modi (read 2002 Gujarat violence) or McCain calling protesters ‘scum’ for calling out Kissinger (who decades before Obama, is also a Nobel Peace Laureate). And yes, in my opinion both laureates should be held accountable for war crimes!

This month has seen various reports commemorating the 70 anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camps. To keep history from repeating itself is still like running on a treadmill.

Bumpy ride ahead, 2015!




好多睇現場直播嘅人都覺得日本對比利時個場十分精彩。比利時係落後兩球下追返並最後贏3:2真係唔簡單。之後佢哋對法國我當然希望小國贏啦(雖則比國都係冷血嘅前殖民地主-係剛果斬咗好多奴隸嘅手)。網上看見評論說經過兩年前的多次恐襲,這世界盃冠軍可算一點沖喜士氣,雖然我係francophile, (c’est strictement des pays et cultures franco-phones, pas au sens de la france seulement!) 但也不能”恭喜”法國,因為種族歧視的原因,還有其國家機器做嘅壞事-例如恐怖襲擊敘利亞(聽說所有導彈都被擊落)





我也在甚麼衛冕冠軍德國輸了波俾墨西哥後才開始偶爾深夜於網上通過拉美嘅電視台觀看。然而跳到臉書睇見一般人之評語,恍然大悟吾城市民恆久少變之世界觀,也許應該修正為歐巴阿日韓觀。雖然到了十六強,摩洛哥 、 奈及利亞 、 塞內加爾、 秘魯、突尼西亞 、哥斯達黎加 等等國家已經止步,觀乎本地民間之討論,彷彿他們只是箭靶甚或不存在。這些國家一無所取嗎? 人家奮鬥、努力、過關斬將也沒得到媒體多句報導。反而久不久會聽到荷蘭、意大利無入圍係多麼冇癮。





Plaza de la Soledad

Plaza de la Soledad

un documentaire sur les prositutés dans la capitale du Mexique, Mexico ou CDMX.


À deux pas de Zócalo, CDMX,  cette plaza regroupe ces femmes qui travaillent dans la rue, pratiquant le plus vieux métier du monde. L’amour, le travail de sexe, leurs corps, la violence, la pression économique démontrent les défis quotidiens  qui les entourent. Las mujeres no es bellas,  pero està es una historia real y rica. Ce film me rappelle ce quartier (Merced) plein d’énergie, meme si les gens qui fréquent sont parfois défavourisés.

vi iv wikileaks cable

June 4 is around the corner. After years of controversies with Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange still in sort of house arrest, at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, it  came to my attention recently that some cables actually are related to the events surrounding the student uprising and culminating into the massacre on 4th June 1989.


The number of students killed might be different according to different accounts. Nevertheless, i felt chilled to the bone rereading some tense moments in the city through a “laowai”, whose mobility was probably more than the average citizen and was sure that minimal casualties through his eyewitness account were  at least in the hundreds in this sad saga of Chinese politics and reforms.



bueno bonito barato 平靚正

Bueno, bonito y barato 平靚正 也許這是無懈可擊的西班牙話-廣東話翻譯
完全沒有連貫性嘅 good, nice & cheap 或是勉強地三個b取兩個ch的cheap and cheerful。較有創意的三a 湊成adequate, attractive and affordable,但相對一拍即合的廣東話版本“平靚正”仲係輸咗成條街!
no tengo “lost in translation” aqui!


Sometimes expressions are separated at birth. the Spanish expression “bueno, bonito y barato” is best said in Cantonese as 平、靚、正. I learnt of the phrase when recounting my experience in Cuba and Mexico with my friend S.  Having told her that I said “más económica ” when I wanted something “less expensive” or “for a good deal”. Friend S’s uttering of “bueno, bonito y barato” was almost immediately interpreted by my other friend V as “平、靚、正”. What was separated at birth got reunited at a street corner in Kennedy Town, Hong Kong on an early autumn night!

Parfois des expressions idiomatiques sont nées ou créées comme des jumelles une pour l’autre. Prends par exemple
“平、靚、正” + “bueno, bonito y barato”, qui font un mariage parfait. Il faut souligner que ça marche seulement en expression cantonaise, car d’autres variations chinoises ont besoin plus des mots que trois. Alors, je vous propose un défi pour traduire
“métro, boulot, dodo” dans une langue étrangère. existe-il un “perfect-match” quelque part?

懂法語的你,有無辦法把“métro, boulot, dodo”翻譯成完美的中文版?