tous les soleils

songs from “tous les soleils“, a film  with many italian references make me remember it to this date.  i dunno if i would have the same curiosity if i understand italiano and the various dialects / languages close-by.

“Luna Lunedda” (Pizzica) – La Tarantella: a very boisterous and joyous opening

with italianness exaggerated to hilarious proportions, perhaps to appease the residents of l’hexagone. the story took place in Strasbourg, centered on a professor of classical music to weave  a credulous storyline.

“Silencio d’Amuri” is a rather sad or romantic number towards the end.


quelle fin triste mais egalement musicale

sogna fiore mio

the film reminded me of yves montrand and marcello mastroianni who left their marks in french cinema. how many famous french actresses or actors can perform in spanish or italian anyway?


ps. if u speak italian, can u tell me if any of the songs were sung in dialects or languages other than italian?


Nanjing and Minnie Vautrin

uncovered from my draft entries, last modification dated  13 déc. 2017 03:32.

she might or might not be a significant figure of the expat and missionary communities in nanjing china in the world war ii era, what is written on her and her personal experience will sure be a part of the war / massacre / peace / never again narratives for a turbulent era. her name is Minnie Vautrin.
Minnie Vautrin

so here is what I penned around the christmas season  of 2017:

what to write or not -rthk late night documentary repeat had an episode on the massacre in Nanjing, sooming my focus in and out throughout the 50 plus minute, a missionary’s story caught my attention – Minnie Vautrin 魏特琳. Reading this in December when everyone walking into shopping centres got bombarded with jingles make the contrast more vehmenly sad. Vautrin, probably suffered a nervous breakdown from witnessing so many people dying around her, took her life within a year of returning to USA for a sick leave.

today, 14 may is the anniversary of her suicide.

Minnie Vautrin 's tombstone


講廣東話嘅人(唔單止係香港人)大致上會遇到相同的問題。最近一年依稀記得ouhk 有詹德隆提過嘅問題,又或係以前rthk『反斗英語』danny leung博士呢兩個主攻發音的錄影,對大家又忙又想改善英文應該 頗有用!

如果對北美發音情有獨鍾,可以睇睇 Andy Krieger,一個居於溫哥華,從前幫助加拿大演員講話更美式,從而打進荷里活!儘管美、加英語口音對外行人分別不大,但你我之別、階級觀念呼之慾出!

詹德隆  OUHK – 改善英國語文能力之竅門


梁頌康博士(Dr. Danny Leung)

人如其說:正確的英語發音和流利的英語 ( 第一部分 ) You Are What You SPEAK: Accurate English Pronunciation and Fluent English Speaking (Part 1)


人如其說:正確的英語發音和流利的英語 ( 第二部分 ) You Are What You SPEAK: Accurate English Pronunciation and Fluent English Speaking (Part 2)


Andy Krieger 的 k method

海洋公園搞基!oh si gay l’océan park




une publicié homo de hong kong.

deux gars s’embrassent devant la colline de l’océan park d’aberdeen à hong kong. ça vous rappelle du infameux long métrage
‘happy together’ de wong war-wai

fréquenté par des milliers et milliers des touristes chinois, hétéro de plus. ce lieu est plus proche de euro disney à paris, dit familial que la ville sur-romantisée qui s’appelle buenos aires òu se trouvent les deux exilés hongkongais dans le film. c’est un changement de cible intéressant vers une clientèle plus diverse, même si hong kong reste une ville qui tiene toujours des valeurs conservateurs.

此colonia跟彼colonia la mala traduccion

colonia 雖然於西班牙語、法語colonie、英語colony理一看就覺得是殖民地,但在墨西哥城的不同區也會用colonia,意思大概和zona或barrio相近。由一個地區,變成羅馬殖民地,希望北京不會找馬德里和墨西哥城麻煩啦!

La Jaula de Oro (The Golden Dream)

films on immigrants will not be going out of style anytime soon in the 21st century even though we are almost through with the second decade.

why? people flee their homes because of economic difficulties, violence, war, environmental devastation etc. will continue to do so in foreseeable future, despite all the agreements, treaties and protocols signed.

La Jaula de Oro (Director: Diego Quemada-Díez, 2013) is the latest one i saw. a few teenagers from guatemala trying to ride the freight trains North to fulfill their golden dream. there were good people throwing fruits up to the dehydrated migrants on the slow moving train. unfortunately, more often the travelers were robbed, often at gunpoint. real cinema, real story, sad future that repeats.

embryo rice n okra

embryo rice soaked overnight then steamed, garnished with cheese,  salmon stir-fried and okra with turmeric

ingredients that aren’t extravagant, but if one takes the time to mix and match, from start to finish the cooking takes less than 40 minutes (mostly waiting for the rice, the stir fries took less than 10 min)

with food safety in people’s mind all the time, how often you invest your time and energy to secure your own?


de cochon à calligraphie

Ce que j’ai publié hier documente le gaspillage comme d’habitude dans des marchés des fleurs pour le nouvel an lunaire.  Il y avait un parade la première soirée du nouvel an, dont les voitures sont montrés dans une fête à New Territories pendant 2 semaines.


cochon comme thème d’année



La chasse pour la meilleure calligraphie annuale finit par les deux photos ici, avec les boutiques qui ont indiqué que leur année recommençait au 10e et au 7e jour respectivement.    今年見到最靚的書法是年初一半夜四、五更時拍到灣仔泰華木業初十啟市這張通告