le mal de terre en los tiempos de la corona





a seemingly unrelated song on citizen engagement and environmental pollution, but the snapshot of everyone in masks caught my attention and brought us back to the current covid-19 crisis. are our footprints too big that the present and further problems are unavoidable?

la biblioteca en los tiempos de la corona

no es “El amor en los tiempos del cólera

pero “la biblioteca en los tiempos de la corona

las bibliotecas seran cerradas
desde de abierto solamente por 2 semanas!


  • necesito un bileto!
  • computadoras no son disponibles!
  • no tocar! jajaja

€5.99, not cheese, 2 hours

€5.99 worth of not cheese but words.  it took me between a pre-bedtime lecture and a train ride tallying up  just under two hours in total to finish. i personally don’t have an affinity for management or self-help psychology reads. what drew me to the work is the famed one minute manager series prominently displayed inside the book by the same author. if u must also make a thin connection, how about cheese in the year of the rat?

indeed the storyline featured two mice, and two other characters who represent different attitude and psyche in their search for work, love, money, religion or whatever meaning in life.

it is not a long nor deep read and the morale is really simple – be ready and willing to embrace change.  if one doesn’t harbour any grudge against the current state of affairs worldwide  as a result of the economic systems,  it would make a good case for people who need a push out of their comfort zone for smoething more grand!



the one-page summary

morphology, sound n more



dumbfounded? because of the sound or spelling or “port-manteau” or other imageries evoked? here r some words that i saw circulating in an online language forum. whether or u can recall or not the dark sour bread, hope u ain’t disturbed by the not quite rubbish brouhaha but be bewildered somehow or even embrace some of this superfluous prank when ur ideas are suffering a drought.

歲晚收爐至另行通告?temporarily closed til god knows when


neither typhoon signal number ten nor the prolific social movement of 2019 can barely touch upon the religiously capitalistic machinery of hong kong. then came covid-19, who made a steady and rapid ascent with the year of the rat, and like stepping on brakes did it achieve in sabotaging the capitalistic rat race with just a few dozens of cases and counting, in february 2020. whether it is tcm clinic, restaurant, bank or pharmacy, their branches in this shopping arcade which serves also as a ferry terminal to mainland china and macao decided to temporarily close the doors until perhaps the community outbreak of the virus retreats, if their leases last that long. what perplexed me was the lie a few of the notices posted “renovation” as the pretext, what were the management thinking? it wasn’t the company’s fault, but external, uncontrollable circumstances that require cost-cutting measures. if there is anything, it makes me think thrice about the integrity of these corporations for if they need a pretext foe something they didn’t do, imagine when they really make an error or put their customers in harms way, they probably would find tons of excuses to rid themselves of responsibility! so consumers beware, separating the good crops from the rotten few in the time of covid-19.

戲玩鬥獸棋 unintentional animal combat

農曆新年,開玩笑的放隻貓係度鎮壓疫症,另一邊廂我庚子年的首日封發行當天給朋友用生肖郵票寄了一個象形設計的手機套。不自然的串連了貓,鼠,象 如鬥獸棋的格局。今年的生肖倘真喻疫情,那希望貓兒能把它鎮壓下去!

there is a childhood boardgame called jungle, i could easily call it animal combat in a more word for word and vivid translation. i assembled a three-party food chain when i posted a feline on social media for chasing after this lunar new year’s rodent while the little mascot can easily sneak into the big ears of flying jumbo’s cousins…
such is the a trumps b trumps c sequence here.

wishing everyone staying away from forest fires, viral outbreak or any other troubles in the year of the rodent!
gata meow meow

rats sourire si, souris non!


送你條尾 extradition mon oeil

康有為 胡志明 孫中山 斯諾登以及其他許許多多這百多年來足跡遍佈香港嘅人,不論他們甚麼身份-革命家、知識分子、有良知的人、國父  加上更多無明但又係佢哋拯救世界之時路過香港的英雄 。這些在他們年代獨當一面的人物,想想現代的香港要政治打壓引導他們去別處受審?只能講句『送你條尾』!

rattrapant sur le sujet de l’extradition dans les derniers articles, je vous montre ces quartre noms parmi des nombreux

kang you wei, sun yat sen, ho chi minh, edward snowden

tous ces hommes, et plusieurs femmes et hommes connu-es et inconnu-es de leurs ères, ont changé pour le mieux le monde. tu me dirais l’extradition de hong kong à l’heure actuelle?  j’ai deux mots pour toi – mon oeil!


講廣東話嘅人(唔單止係香港人)大致上會遇到相同的問題。最近一年依稀記得ouhk 有詹德隆提過嘅問題,又或係以前rthk『反斗英語』danny leung博士呢兩個主攻發音的錄影,對大家又忙又想改善英文應該 頗有用!

如果對北美發音情有獨鍾,可以睇睇 Andy Krieger,一個居於溫哥華,從前幫助加拿大演員講話更美式,從而打進荷里活!儘管美、加英語口音對外行人分別不大,但你我之別、階級觀念呼之慾出!

詹德隆  OUHK – 改善英國語文能力之竅門


梁頌康博士(Dr. Danny Leung)

人如其說:正確的英語發音和流利的英語 ( 第一部分 ) You Are What You SPEAK: Accurate English Pronunciation and Fluent English Speaking (Part 1)


人如其說:正確的英語發音和流利的英語 ( 第二部分 ) You Are What You SPEAK: Accurate English Pronunciation and Fluent English Speaking (Part 2)


Andy Krieger 的 k method

海洋公園搞基!oh si gay l’océan park




une publicié homo de hong kong.

deux gars s’embrassent devant la colline de l’océan park d’aberdeen à hong kong. ça vous rappelle du infameux long métrage
‘happy together’ de wong war-wai

fréquenté par des milliers et milliers des touristes chinois, hétéro de plus. ce lieu est plus proche de euro disney à paris, dit familial que la ville sur-romantisée qui s’appelle buenos aires òu se trouvent les deux exilés hongkongais dans le film. c’est un changement de cible intéressant vers une clientèle plus diverse, même si hong kong reste une ville qui tiene toujours des valeurs conservateurs.