Hidalgo, La Historia Jamás Contada

Hidalgo, The Never Told Story.

Miguel Hidalgo, whose name wasn’t even mentioned in full in the
introduction when it was screened at a local film festival. The
presenter, however, highlighted that it tells a lesser known and
more controversial side of Hidalgo, who is probably one, if not
the grandfather of the Mexican independant revolution.

Digging up his more mainstream info I found on wiki, he was born in the colonies of Spaniard descent. His prisethood mingled with his love life, his European ancestry intertwined with his
friendship as well as appreciation of indigenous peoples and their
languages, his references to the destiny of French royalties as a
result of the aftermath of the French Revolution, and ironically
his attraction to French bourgeoise or théâtre français (as accused by certain people he came into contact with), are a sampling traits of a revolutionary in the making. Even though his death as well as those around him, directly or remotely linked to the rebellions were bloody and graphic to say the least. It is not difficult for the uninformed to take a peek into the more playful, colourful or non-conventional aspect of the martyr in the modern Mexican nation building process.

Hidalgo, La Historia Jamás Contada

Hidalgo, La Historia Jamás Contada


泰奧·安哲羅普洛斯 Theodoros Angelopoulos

泰奧·安哲羅普洛斯(Theodoros Angelopoulos, 希臘語:Θόδωρος Αγγελόπουλος)是個在他在世時我不認識的導演。偶然的機會看了他的《永遠的一天》(Eternity and a day).拼除希臘的政治和歷史背景來看這電影,內面的“一天”雖不至變成永恒,但的的確確做就一千絲萬縷、錯綜復雜的長故事。

泰奧·安哲羅普洛斯 Theodoros Angelopoulos

泰奧·安哲羅普洛斯 Theodoros Angelopoulos

A director unbeknownst to be when he was around, his Eternity and a day was my initiation to his works. Within that eternity (or was it merely a day?) entered and exited a pre-teen illegal migrant worker, a neighbour who was never seen, only heard, indirectly through music coming out from across the balcony, close friends and relatives, flashbacks and promises, etc that insofar I haphazardly recall here. Like sediments running downstream, it would take me more time and perhaps another of his long métrages to fully appreciate his contributions to cinema.

從法語文化看社會公義 (2)

三月六日 星期二 晚上7點 @佔領中環 (獅子總行地下) mardi le 6 mars 19h @ Occupy Central
(歡迎不懂法語既新人參加)吹水話題:慢活 + 飲食文化 + 語言裡的性別(歧視) 大戰 3.8婦女節

初步大綱 version préliminaire

討論 partie 1: 自然/生活 + simplicité volontaire + 飲食文化

一首飲食歌 極速學法語單詞 歌詞在這裡(簡了底線的名詞可以多留意)
les cornichons 或 生字練習(cliquer sur “Download Les_cornichons – Exercise“)

垃圾桶插水 是什麼? 看 1)我零九年寫的 或 2) 維基百科

Skipping Waste from mirco on Vimeo.

討論 partie 2: 語言裡的性別(歧視) 大戰 3.8婦女節

女人的回答 警告: 男士們或 宗教塔利班 請不要當這是鹹片 哈哈哈

mots-clés 關鍵詞
manger, goûter, gastronomie, alimentaire, simplicité volontaire, la gourmand(ise) 饕餮, gourmet, “mardi gras” 懺悔星期二, récup (de ‘récuperation’),’faire la récup’ 垃圾桶插水, glanage, glaneur, glaneuse, nourrir, voile 面紗, hijab 蓋頭, “accommodement raisonnable”, madame, mademoiselle, Mrs Ms Miss Mr 太太 女士 小姐 密斯 先生, etc.

上次 la dernière fois: 從法語文化看社會公義 (1)

從法語文化看社會公義 (1)

2014 十一月的更新看這文件 (mise à jour novembre 2014 ici)



佔領中環 自由學社從法語文化看社會公義 (1) 討論的草稿 (二零一二。二月廿九日)
Free School @ Occupy Central HK: regard sur la justice sociale de la culture francophone (1) le brouillon (29 février 2012)
Fantôme de la liberté – Luis Buñuel 拍了 青樓怨婦belle de jour

不是我手寫我口的語言 寫法 =/= 讀音

déchet corporel 垃圾… 身體的
produits toxiques résidus industriels, insecticides, detergents, nourriture 食物
milliard 十億 4milliard 1970s, dans 20 ans 7 millard 廿年就有…

mal levé 沒教養 mal = 壞, lever 提升, toilette

libère (libérer) 解放 (英 liberate)

vous connaissez 您認識 / tu connais 你認識 / je connais 我…

Déchétarisme 垃圾桶插水 / Glanage alimentaire 收成 拾取 …食物的

Dans sa riche diversité, la culture a une valeur intrinsèque aussi bien pour le développement que pour la cohésion sociale et la paix. UNESCO ?!?!?!?! 吓??

Organisation internationale de la Francophonie法語圈國際組織 vs 英聯邦
Algérie ?阿爾及利亞

法語的 francophone anglophone 說英語的sinophone 說中文的 téléphone

Concession française de Shanghai 上海法租界 杜月笙
Canton … 行政區域Cantão

英 -ate 尾 的動詞 –》 法 -er 尾的動詞 (如 communiquer, séparer)
英 -sion /tion 名詞 –》 法 名詞 mobilisation, mondialisation (monde 地球–》 全球化)

alternatives économiques 另類經濟?!? ,
Altermondialisme另類全球化運動 ( …主義者?? altermondialiste)


第二集 rencontre 2:
三月六日 星期二晚 7點 mardi le 6 mars @ 19h


內容簡介:décroissance (de-growth)反增長,simplicité volontaire (voluntary
simplicity 簡單生活),multiculturalisme 多元文化 diversité culturelle,
等等看茉莉花革命,(北非到法國)人口流動 vs 香港、大陸。。。。語言、方言政治 (英語vs法語vs魁北克法語或鳥語?!?) 比較
English vs Chinguish vs 廣東話 vs 普通話。。。。。討論語言是溝通還是打壓的工具




84th Oscars

Les français doivent si fiers de leur culture, plus spécifiquement leur cinéma, lorsque la 84ème cérémonie des Oscars. Une production française – The artist, et deux autres productions américaines qui ont les thèmes

1) sur un des innovateurs du cinéma – Georges Méliès dans Hugo et

2) un fantasme sur Paris et quelques fameux resortissants américains à la ville de lumière des années 1920s dans Midnight in Paris,

sont dans le final de 100 mètres pour le meilleur film.

Georges Méliès -    Le Voyage dans la Lune

Georges Méliès - Le Voyage dans la Lune

Je n’ai pas assez de temps à voir The Artist avant la cérémonie, mais pour un film muet parmi les dix finalistes ne se répète pas comme la comète de Halley. Hugo, immergé en haute technologie de graphisme, porte une histoire qui m’attire petit à petit, étant donné que j’avais assisté à une conférence de digital 21 l’an passé à Pékin sur “Video art” dont le nom Méliès est entré dans ma tête. Ce prémier s’est manifesté encore dans le couvert de magazine Paroles de l’Alliance Française de Hong Kong.

French film paying hommage to American Cinema or American films centred on French themes – The Artist, Midnight in Paris, Hugo.

Young protagonists playing detective with traces left by parent – Hugo (again) and Extremely loud and incredibly close covered what I’ve watched prior to the ceremony this year. Perhaps I ‘ve screened too many arthouse type of late, so I have my biases and let see if the results with overlap my preference.

The History Boys vs. Notes on a Scandal

I had to opportunity to see two British films with secondary school settings within the past year. The History Boys, which was adapted from a screenplay. and Notes on a Scandal, originally a novel. The History Boys centred on a selected few of higher achievers of Upper Six students preparing for a place at Oxbridge, Notes focused on a school presumably with a more working class setting. What is interesting was several taboo themes that exist in the “real” non-film world of education. Homosexuality, of both the teachers as well as students and Teacher-student love affair.

英國人保守乎?抑或是開放乎? 本人最近觀看兩齣英國電影其內容皆是在吾國會成為爭議性的話題。退一步說,基本上這類題材的電影在本地上畫不易。說社會保守也罷、宗教也罷 就是沒有這樣的空間。當然我不是認同電影裏那些不同學生的越軌行為,只不過這些現實社會裡的問題,咱們還沒膽量放到公眾空間裡談論。

Czukor Show

Czukor Show by Tamás Dömötör (118/128 min, Comedy/Drama)

entangled relationships

entangled relationships

Jerry Springer? Maury? Jenny Jones, Ricki Lake in a former Eastern European country? This is what I got myself into for the first feature film at the 3rd European Film Festival in Beijing. It was entertaining that the American style trash TV became the central theme of this movie. More dramatically, the reaction of the Scandinavian TV executives who visited the taping of show in respond to the roller-coaster like surprises during the show. No, this is not a low of humanity, but then certain banalities of life transcend languages and cultures.

Black Panthers – Agnès Varda

法國名導演安妮.華達於1968拍關於Black Panthers,一個在美國的黑人平權組織的紀錄片。Black Panthers 在六零年代末的美國當然是富爭議性。然而那個學運、反戰的年代也是各種平權運動發聲,翻天覆地的年代。在“所謂”自由平等的美國,黑人,甚至伸延至其他少數民族的平權路皆是艱難的。試聽聽受訪者的談話,看能否給你在社會、經濟、環境、同志、少數民族等的社會公義問題上得到啟示。It’s Black History Month in the USA and Canada. Even though I am not there now, when I got a chance to scan at Agnès Varda’s DVD shorts that my friend borrowed, I thought it would be appropriate viewing and then blogging Black Panthers (1968), one of Varda’s numerous short films.

Inspirational young leaders, definitely not how the government at the time had demonized them, appeared in the 26 minute documentary. Looking at social justices issues, the Blacks in the late 1960s to now at 2011, discrimination is still alive and well unfortunately, with battle grounds still with all forms of injustices whether it is minority groups, immigrants, low income people, LGBTs, etc.

Big Afro hair, proud to be “natural”, NOT straight hair, not just light skin.
The appearance may be dated, but self acceptance and affirmation of the concerned groups is part of coming of age of any social movement.

Black is beautiful, FREE HUEY!

version originale française ici 法語版本:

English Narration here 英語旁白:

Stranger Than Fiction 離奇過小說

It has a strange name. It had a strange beginning. It has some strange scenes such as the meticulously counting-down of daily chores superimposed by fake, sci-fi and high tech graphics which looked equally mysterious and grey. It has some strange reminiscences of films like Gattaca or Minority Report.

Can a boring, middle aged geek whose life is intruded into by a narrative voice make a good storyline? This “hearing voices” expereience became so huanting that it eventually changed the life of this officer worker over the course of a few weeks. With the feel of a sci-fi movie, this actually evolved into a comedy-drama. Will Ferrel plays the arithematic and detail oriented IRS agent Harold Crick, who audited the tax return of Ana Pascal (Maggie Gyllenhaal), the Bohemian Harvard Law drop-out and bakery shop owner. The strange voice following Harold led him eventually to Professor Jules Hilbert (Dustin Hoffman), the knowledgeable literary expert at a local college. Slowly eliminating the probable culprits giving Harold the headaches, a dated television interview pointed Harold to Karen Eiffel (Emma Thompson), the more schizophenic author who also appears to be the voice of narration. Harold managed to catch up with Eiffel, who is in the midst of wrapping up her next novel with the Hero who would have been written off to a tragic ending. If my brief résumé has been confusing enough, you would definitely appreciate the quasi-clarity brought on by the director Marc Forster, based on the screenplay penned by Zach Helm.

Even when I was watching the film, the plot didn’t seem very clear nor logical. The beauty of this film was the ability of the director and the actors to hold my attention together and not dissipate until the intriguing finish, evening though conventional wisdom could point to flaws if one really wants to dig deep into cause and consequences. Apart from the sci-fi mentioned earlier, this project also shouted John Nash and A Beautiful Mind for the self-indulgence references. Even though three Hollywood flicks dotted this review, Stranger Than Fiction ended up a sleepy but pleasant delight as I saw it on latenight TV.

meticulous routine

meticulous routine


jay, a philippino film in 2009

jay, a philippino film in 2009

Neil Postman said that America was the only country fixated on television, I beg to differ. As a matter of fact, the venom of “reality television” that told off over in the late 1990s has been spreading like wild fire. In this funny and made-to-believe-it-is but in reality a non-documentary was a good mix of drama, humour and at times almost horror.

A murdered teacher named Jay left behind a family in grief. The initial sadness was convoluted bit by bit as the reality TV director/producer, curiously also named Jay and his crew visited and filmed the family for his programme like vultures. The anecdotes when the sister of murdered Jay mistook a telephone call as her selection to the “Big Brother” show to various relatives and acquaintances of the dead “reenacting” their grief for the TV programme mocked on the obsession and the near-complete surrender to TV in many cultures. The “staging” of the apprehension of one of the suspects by the police was more than hilarious. If you watch this movie and can relate crack up to the humour in it, it seems natural that your culture, apart from that of the Pilipino and American, has succumbed to the far-reaching daily influence of reality TV are NOT the only two.

In an impoverished province where stable employment is hard to come by, getting famous on reality TV seems natural to the locals as it might bring money and fame and better lives in probably Manila. That is a depressing but sober observation.

This film garnered the best actor and best supporting actor and actress roles of the Golden Screen Awards in the Philippines in 2009.