if you leave, omd

If you leave
, a number plays its visits from time to time in the airwaves resembling a not-so-distant relative. Whether it’s from the radio or boombox, in the car or at a fast food joint, I always allowed its melody in to my unsuspecting ears.   The music of the electronic 80s never falls out of favour,  I wonder if it has anything to do with the above PG-13 but not risqué at all lyrics.  Two other lame reasons for the song to occupy my brain space in me. Firstly, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) has a Merseyside origin, and Liverpool was where I lived away from home for a long period of time (just over a year) the very first time. Secondly, although I have never watched “Pretty in Pink” from the beginning till the end, Molly Ringwald, Andrew McCarthy and Jon Cryer do appear various other works, “Brat Pack” or not, that I like.


tous les soleils

songs from “tous les soleils“, a film  with many italian references make me remember it to this date.  i dunno if i would have the same curiosity if i understand italiano and the various dialects / languages close-by.


“Luna Lunedda” (Pizzica) – La Tarantella: a very boisterous and joyous opening

with italianness exaggerated to hilarious proportions, perhaps to appease the residents of l’hexagone. the story took place in Strasbourg, centered on a professor of classical music to weave  a credulous storyline.

“Silencio d’Amuri” is a rather sad or romantic number towards the end.


quelle fin triste mais egalement musicale

sogna fiore mio

the film reminded me of yves montrand and marcello mastroianni who left their marks in french cinema. how many famous french actresses or actors can perform in spanish or italian anyway?


ps. if u speak italian, can u tell me if any of the songs were sung in dialects or languages other than italian?

海洋公園搞基!oh si gay l’océan park




une publicié homo de hong kong.

deux gars s’embrassent devant la colline de l’océan park d’aberdeen à hong kong. ça vous rappelle du infameux long métrage
‘happy together’ de wong war-wai

fréquenté par des milliers et milliers des touristes chinois, hétéro de plus. ce lieu est plus proche de euro disney à paris, dit familial que la ville sur-romantisée qui s’appelle buenos aires òu se trouvent les deux exilés hongkongais dans le film. c’est un changement de cible intéressant vers une clientèle plus diverse, même si hong kong reste une ville qui tiene toujours des valeurs conservateurs.

此colonia跟彼colonia la mala traduccion

colonia 雖然於西班牙語、法語colonie、英語colony理一看就覺得是殖民地,但在墨西哥城的不同區也會用colonia,意思大概和zona或barrio相近。由一個地區,變成羅馬殖民地,希望北京不會找馬德里和墨西哥城麻煩啦!

La Jaula de Oro (The Golden Dream)

films on immigrants will not be going out of style anytime soon in the 21st century even though we are almost through with the second decade.

why? people flee their homes because of economic difficulties, violence, war, environmental devastation etc. will continue to do so in foreseeable future, despite all the agreements, treaties and protocols signed.

La Jaula de Oro (Director: Diego Quemada-Díez, 2013) is the latest one i saw. a few teenagers from guatemala trying to ride the freight trains North to fulfill their golden dream. there were good people throwing fruits up to the dehydrated migrants on the slow moving train. unfortunately, more often the travelers were robbed, often at gunpoint. real cinema, real story, sad future that repeats.

the impossible

an ordinary name for a film that reenacted a very out of the ordinary event for those who lived through it. a 2012 spanish / american mainstream film production adapted from a spaniard family’s real account in the 2004 south-east asia’s indian ocean earthquake and subsequent devastating tsunami. the story revolves around the bennett family, whose mom and eldest son were separated form the dad and the younger two kids when the tsunami hit. the visual effects looked real and dramatic, with people and much bigger and at sharp debris bouncing back and forth in a gigantic whirlpool. naomi watts, whom i have been watching since her performances in 21 grams and king kong, gave a solid performance, with all the bruised make-up and such. her son in the film, tom holland, also delivered, with the scene reuniting with his two younger siblings especially touching. i dunno why the director casted ewan mcgregor, who just appeared a just tad too photogenic for someone running around in rags searching for his wife and kids.

the earthquake and tsunami were daily headlines for at least a few weeks for what i recall – my friend and i were glued to tv and interest newscasts re reports coming out nightly at home for much of the christmas and new year holidays then. what stuck me, apart from the good story-line (the real story can’t be bad, eh?) was the still the very european / white (well actually anglo, for the characters’ names were anglicized) narrative. the thai people were pretty much in and out of the background. perhaps the white privileged expats (an insurance company paid for medical evacuation flight to singapore for the five-member family at the end) did only hang out with each other, but this answers exactly the posts i ‘ve been seeing these days on “crazy rich asians” (the film) perpetuating stereotypes. society won’t advance unless diversity of storytelling take centre stage

Plaza de la Soledad

Plaza de la Soledad

un documentaire sur les prositutés dans la capitale du Mexique, Mexico ou CDMX.


À deux pas de Zócalo, CDMX,  cette plaza regroupe ces femmes qui travaillent dans la rue, pratiquant le plus vieux métier du monde. L’amour, le travail de sexe, leurs corps, la violence, la pression économique démontrent les défis quotidiens  qui les entourent. Las mujeres no es bellas,  pero està es una historia real y rica. Ce film me rappelle ce quartier (Merced) plein d’énergie, meme si les gens qui fréquent sont parfois défavourisés.

Hidalgo, La Historia Jamás Contada

Hidalgo, The Never Told Story.

Miguel Hidalgo, whose name wasn’t even mentioned in full in the
introduction when it was screened at a local film festival. The
presenter, however, highlighted that it tells a lesser known and
more controversial side of Hidalgo, who is probably one, if not
the grandfather of the Mexican independant revolution.

Digging up his more mainstream info I found on wiki, he was born in the colonies of Spaniard descent. His prisethood mingled with his love life, his European ancestry intertwined with his
friendship as well as appreciation of indigenous peoples and their
languages, his references to the destiny of French royalties as a
result of the aftermath of the French Revolution, and ironically
his attraction to French bourgeoise or théâtre français (as accused by certain people he came into contact with), are a sampling traits of a revolutionary in the making. Even though his death as well as those around him, directly or remotely linked to the rebellions were bloody and graphic to say the least. It is not difficult for the uninformed to take a peek into the more playful, colourful or non-conventional aspect of the martyr in the modern Mexican nation building process.

Hidalgo, La Historia Jamás Contada

Hidalgo, La Historia Jamás Contada

泰奧·安哲羅普洛斯 Theodoros Angelopoulos

泰奧·安哲羅普洛斯(Theodoros Angelopoulos, 希臘語:Θόδωρος Αγγελόπουλος)是個在他在世時我不認識的導演。偶然的機會看了他的《永遠的一天》(Eternity and a day).拼除希臘的政治和歷史背景來看這電影,內面的“一天”雖不至變成永恒,但的的確確做就一千絲萬縷、錯綜復雜的長故事。

泰奧·安哲羅普洛斯 Theodoros Angelopoulos

泰奧·安哲羅普洛斯 Theodoros Angelopoulos

A director unbeknownst to be when he was around, his Eternity and a day was my initiation to his works. Within that eternity (or was it merely a day?) entered and exited a pre-teen illegal migrant worker, a neighbour who was never seen, only heard, indirectly through music coming out from across the balcony, close friends and relatives, flashbacks and promises, etc that insofar I haphazardly recall here. Like sediments running downstream, it would take me more time and perhaps another of his long métrages to fully appreciate his contributions to cinema.

從法語文化看社會公義 (2)

三月六日 星期二 晚上7點 @佔領中環 (獅子總行地下) mardi le 6 mars 19h @ Occupy Central
(歡迎不懂法語既新人參加)吹水話題:慢活 + 飲食文化 + 語言裡的性別(歧視) 大戰 3.8婦女節

初步大綱 version préliminaire

討論 partie 1: 自然/生活 + simplicité volontaire + 飲食文化

一首飲食歌 極速學法語單詞 歌詞在這裡(簡了底線的名詞可以多留意)
les cornichons 或 生字練習(cliquer sur “Download Les_cornichons – Exercise“)

垃圾桶插水 是什麼? 看 1)我零九年寫的 或 2) 維基百科

Skipping Waste from mirco on Vimeo.

討論 partie 2: 語言裡的性別(歧視) 大戰 3.8婦女節

女人的回答 警告: 男士們或 宗教塔利班 請不要當這是鹹片 哈哈哈

mots-clés 關鍵詞
manger, goûter, gastronomie, alimentaire, simplicité volontaire, la gourmand(ise) 饕餮, gourmet, “mardi gras” 懺悔星期二, récup (de ‘récuperation’),’faire la récup’ 垃圾桶插水, glanage, glaneur, glaneuse, nourrir, voile 面紗, hijab 蓋頭, “accommodement raisonnable”, madame, mademoiselle, Mrs Ms Miss Mr 太太 女士 小姐 密斯 先生, etc.

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