who needs to go to monastery?

sometime in september 2019 during my extended trip, a friend suggested me to visit a monastery to seek higher meaning of life. little did he know, nor i haven’t yet shown him the collection of videos i took.


one of the destinations was a beach called la barra. sitting on the edge of a national park, the nearest city is buenaventura, a 40min speedboat ride away. without portable water nor internet/wifi, i think i slowed myself down, if it were just for a mere 72 hours.

ps. the beach is actually much brighter and safer than it appeared in the video, if it had gotten your heart pounding a bit faster and harder.

戲玩鬥獸棋 unintentional animal combat

農曆新年,開玩笑的放隻貓係度鎮壓疫症,另一邊廂我庚子年的首日封發行當天給朋友用生肖郵票寄了一個象形設計的手機套。不自然的串連了貓,鼠,象 如鬥獸棋的格局。今年的生肖倘真喻疫情,那希望貓兒能把它鎮壓下去!

there is a childhood boardgame called jungle, i could easily call it animal combat in a more word for word and vivid translation. i assembled a three-party food chain when i posted a feline on social media for chasing after this lunar new year’s rodent while the little mascot can easily sneak into the big ears of flying jumbo’s cousins…
such is the a trumps b trumps c sequence here.

wishing everyone staying away from forest fires, viral outbreak or any other troubles in the year of the rodent!
gata meow meow

rats sourire si, souris non!


small hours laundry

not since the days when i was living in astoria or long island city that i went out to laundry at 3am. this time around, almost one and a half decades later, in my hometown of all places, i did it because one of these automatic laundromat chains had a new opening offer of only 5hk$ a load (of 18lbs).5$

everything is automatic, unmanned, and you don’t even have to add detergent. 24hours

with the options of fabric softerners or what not, usually japanese or korean
the regular prices are pretty competitive, to full services stores

it was a clean and tranquil place at 3am, if only it could wash out all the troubles of hong kong in 2019!

bloodily shot, a sad and sober reminder

the girl who lost the right eye to a bean bag round  shot by the hong kong  police on 11 August 2019 finally gathered some energy to give a brief statement. a lot of public anger in the past two weeks calling for “an eye for an eye”.  i can’t imagine the courage and how poised she has been in the video. if i were put into the same situation, traumatized is an understatement.




lots of flyers/artwork also emerged and keep on pumping out on various lennon walls in hong kong. here are a few of the examples.



eye covered:



alluding to street fighters or protesters: 20190830_010107.jpg

another bloodied eye  also appeared on the background towards the right above!


疑似黑社會人士 apparent triad member


alleged gangster, people like him bring shame to new territories folks, given i grew up and my parents devoted their youth and career in the NT.

gangster.jpg post-it portrait profiling pathetic psychopath personage


動盪的七月 juillet turbulent


juillet 2019 ne reste que 2 jours mais c’est déjà un moi assez fatiguant pour les hongkongais. les grands défilés ont été commencés en juin. la star ferry a été débordée des manifestants, les stations de métro mtr temporairement fermés etc. sont les situations jamais eu avant, au moins à hong kong, cette ville reconnue pour sa efficacité. j’ai pris plusieurs photos, toujours en désordre, mais ça vous donne un peu de mes idées pour ces dernières journées de perturbations.20190701_191756.jpg20190701_191022.jpg20190701_220328.jpg20190701_194925.jpg20190701_192959.jpg

海洋公園搞基!oh si gay l’océan park




une publicié homo de hong kong.

deux gars s’embrassent devant la colline de l’océan park d’aberdeen à hong kong. ça vous rappelle du infameux long métrage
‘happy together’ de wong war-wai

fréquenté par des milliers et milliers des touristes chinois, hétéro de plus. ce lieu est plus proche de euro disney à paris, dit familial que la ville sur-romantisée qui s’appelle buenos aires òu se trouvent les deux exilés hongkongais dans le film. c’est un changement de cible intéressant vers une clientèle plus diverse, même si hong kong reste une ville qui tiene toujours des valeurs conservateurs.

embryo rice n okra

embryo rice soaked overnight then steamed, garnished with cheese,  salmon stir-fried and okra with turmeric

ingredients that aren’t extravagant, but if one takes the time to mix and match, from start to finish the cooking takes less than 40 minutes (mostly waiting for the rice, the stir fries took less than 10 min)

with food safety in people’s mind all the time, how often you invest your time and energy to secure your own?