三民主義 le triple démisme



dans l’epoque où des seigneurs de la guerre ont effectivement partitionné la chine dans les années 1920, cet enregistrement sonore de sun yat sen, promouvant le triple démisme et le texte traduit en français en 1924 documentent une chine au chaos. prèsque un siècle a passé, la vie des gens ordinaire a-t-elle été améliorée? je pense que chacun tient son avis au coeur.

suen wen


花 、fleurs、 華


大吉大利 大

From those tangerines of unbelievable bargin that I didn’t took in for the Ram year, I did menage to recuperated a bouquet worth of flowers from the street, as one of joyful by-standers when passers-by spotted a grad-opening of a store/office (I dont know to-this-date what it was) was throwing away, or at least letting people take home all those flowers delievered to their doorsteps just hours before.
quel fleur colore' Photography

Trashed after an hour or so of spotlight, they are now in a vase, on a table, for an extended fortnight of their lifespan.
une composition interessante

from capitalistic middle and uppper class hipster sh*t to civil disobedience rage.

So this has been a weekend loaded with activities I attended haphazrdly. The Kowloon City Bookfair, which is running its 6th annual leg, finally fit into my junky, over-the-head, boisterous music-by-the-habourfront weekend. Organised by young literary connoisseurs, back by a creativity-oriented high school, a think tank, etc., the bookfair is a mélange of talks, roundtables, flea market, mini-bookfair and a mini-concert. Free of charge to everybody, coarse but ever-evolving, it’s what this overcrowded and over-developped city needs if Hong Kong were to slow down and smell some roses, or fresh air!

Thanks to a random gift of kindness, I set foot in West Kowloon waterfront for Clockenflap, probably the last time in a while by the West Kowloon waterfront since constructions will be swung into actions in the coming years.

My previous impression of this “music festival” has been some gweilos replicating rock concerts spiced with burning man. Upon entering I was upset with the overfloated plastic recycle bin with all types of trash. A day later however, a politically charged performance by “my little airport” sort of eased my displeasure. Well, in a non-perfect world, room for improvement is the key!



occupy hong kong 2014 (i)

This might be the first in a series, for a duration not yet known, on the latest civil disobedience in Hong Kong in 2014. Let’s build up curiosity by looking at media, especially state media first!

Maybe Russia and China really are secretly in love, or are they not-so-secret buddies?

Russia Today said “protest turns violent” at the title of its piece posted September 28, 2014 16:33(Moscow time?)


even though it did use the words “pro-democracy” in the report.

Hong Kong police used tear gas and pepper spray on a crowd of pro-democracy protesters who ignored warnings and blocked the city’s main highway. The violence came after several days of student protests.

Meanwhile, China’s official news portal labelled the protest “spun out of control” http://www.china.org.cn/china/2014-09/29/content_33643206.htm

Agence France Presse en español wrote one of its headlines”

Manifestantes prodemocracia paralizan puntos neurálgicos en Hong Kong


Paralyse it we should, not neuro-logistical centre of Hong Kong, rather the injustice of puppet electoral systems, oligarchy and neoliberalism! Can we?

below: screenshot of online spreadsheet of the call for supply materials at the occupied sites
online spreadsheet of call of supply materials in the struggle

8 heures de travail

2014年的五一勞動節前後於網上找到差不多一世紀前的舊照片: 歐洲在1919年爭取8小時“標準工時”的海報,在一個世紀後的亞洲居然一點也不過時。真諷刺!

1919年 我們只要8小時 ;en 1919, on veut 8 heures seulement

1er mai, Journée internationale des travailleurs

J’ai tombé sur cette photo de 1919 quand la lutte était pour 8 heures de travail par jour? Malheuresement, Un siècle plus tard, en 2014, en Asie, dont la Chine et Hong Kong RAS, il n’y a pas des heures ‘maximum’ fixées par semaine. Plus loin en Europe, le taut chomage augmente sans arret, tandis que les Asiatiques, ou même des gens ailleurs travaillent comme des chiens avec des heures supplémentaires contribuées mais rarement recompensées! Ou est le progrès alors?

religions: not equal opportunity

What did you do on Christmas Eve? For me this year it was sprinkled with solitude as I walked mostly alone during the day, passing by a Buddhist temple in the afternoon, spending well over an hour looking at its architecture, the free literature they are giving away (mainly the Sutras)

Towards midnight I descended into the town centre, blended into a sea of tourists, excited teenagers and took a few pictures, then had into a midnight mass. While most attendees were indulged in their prayers and hymns, the entrance looked a bit like a circus, with the curious but not the religious parading in and out taking pictures and videos. Festive indeed and I applaud the church and its open door policy – showing everyone that those who don’t believe or are not familiar with their protocols or etiquette are still very welcomed, which is a first step in preaching their beliefs, if not getting to world peace !



2013 的梁振英 無言以對 1989 的他

2013 的梁振英 無言以對 1989 的他

10 March, not quite a “teabag”

甚麼是公義,或我從前跟一位朋友聊天時提及的“選擇性公義”。對於講“價值”,講“道理”的香港人,西藏似乎是那麼遙遠。幾十年的血腥鎮壓下,藏人的生活還是不足為“漢人”道。其實現在中國對其少數民族,跟過去的美國、澳洲、和台灣等地的大舉移民到原居民的地方和控制他們經濟的手法一模一樣。 香港人對這西域高地上的所發生的,知道得不多。

10 March, uprising anniversary 三月十日,抗暴紀念日

10 March, uprising anniversary 三月十日,抗暴紀念日


candlelight commemorating those who passed 逝去者的燭光

candlelight commemorating those who passed 逝去者的燭光


over 100 self immolated 過百人已自焚

over 100 self immolated 過百人已自焚

誰是阿爺?who’s grandpa?

Wilson Shieh 石家豪 (www.wilsonshieh.com) a parodié plusieurs personnages chinois parmi des sphères de politique, de showbiz, etc. Cette fois, un organigramme des dirigeants chinois sur un tableau!

“Qui est grand-père?”, lit le grand titre. Un euphémisme pour ceux qui tiennt de vrai pouvoir! Même si la prochaine direction complète entre en fonction 100% bientôt en 2013, en remplaçant le courrant prémier ministre, par exemple, l’humeur caracaturé va durer long temps.

誰是阿爺? www.wilsonshieh.com  石家豪

http://www.wilsonshieh.com 石家豪


alimenter 補給


Sauté de mouton aux poireaux servi avec des nouilles froides? Vous, les francophones, pouvez corriger ma traduction. En tout cas, c’était que j’ai bouffé il y a quelque jours dans un resto halal à Pékin. C’est de plus en plus cher de manger à Pékin, même si pour 16 kuai il ne coûtait pas trop par rapport à la junk-food chez McDos.