solitude s’allume

alternative art by disabled persons.

自畫像 self portraits , 自閉症人士 / people with autism   愛不同藝術

自畫像 self portraits , 自閉症人士 / people with autism 愛不同藝術

Pour les gens qui souffrent de l’autisme,
la solitude occupe leur monde.
Un collage réunissant leurs idées,
s’allume le tunnel noir.
Ils ne sont ni Van Gogh, ni Picasso,
mais entendez-vous leurs emotions?

Rio +20

上星期在巴西里約熱內盧的 里约+20 Rio +20本地中文媒體隻字不提。其實不提也罷,因為該會議算是徹底的失敗。樂施會英國的行政總裁Barbara Stocking說全世界的領袖都來了,但他們沒做到會帶領我們向前走的決定


Rio+20 wasn’t even worth a bimp on the local media’s radar screen (in Hong Kong). Maybe the latter were prophets and knew nothing constructive would came out of it. Non-governmental and NGOs thought it was just some “rubber-stamp” protocols that the world leaders went through.

Or perhaps people’s attention were sidetracked by non-issues like the Eurozone crisis or the upcoming U.S. presidential election. How perverse our world had become!

Un enfant marche dans le quartier de Manguinhos, un des plus pauvres de Rio de Janeiro. (Photo: REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes)

Un enfant marche dans le quartier de Manguinhos, un des plus pauvres de Rio de Janeiro. (Photo: REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes)

love is in the air

六月在全球多處是同志驕傲月Pride month。不是共產黨的同志,而是同性戀的同志!偶然的機會下友人傳來西班牙馬德里同志驕傲節的搞笑短片。

一首七十年代的舊歌Love is in the Air配以幽默原素,讓你捧腹大笑一番。我怎樣說也是七十年代初的產品(有小機會是六九年尾結合製造,但絕對完成於一九七零年),所以對70s有不用隱瞞的偏幫。這超花枝招展廣告(減去虎背熊腰的搏鬥)讓Love is in the Air又一次重生。

How could this song be soooo campy?! Yes it reminds me those outrageous costumes on old American TV, or the coconut trees in the tropics and sleezy dancing with people playing the maracas.

Too bad the gay video came to an abrupt end. The orginal video is not as interesting as the song, oh well… the sleezing dancing that I was never part of, merely passive listening as a child! Oldies with a new reincarnation, thanx to Madrid Pride in 2012 – mischievous and fun.

Towngas’ plagiarised “move” 中華煤氣抄襲之“行”

I saw the trilogy – “LEARN”, “EAT” and “MOVE” – from some Aussie production on travel almost a year ago in August 2011. Given I am least inclined to “LEARN”, while pampering the tastebuds with aroma and the cone cells with breathtaking scenary bring more guilty and not so guilty pleasures, “EAT” and “MOVE”, though very condensed one-minute productions, left ichy travel bug impressions. Apparently, some workhorses in an advertising firm in Hong Kong agreed with me, for ten months later in June 2012 through cathode tube, i saw a plagiarised version for Towngas in Hong Kong. Hey you PR/advertising folks who did the ad, you’ve got to push the envelop harder or you will be mocked as some money-cheating copycats!

差不多一年前看過的一分鐘旅遊短片“MOVE”(行),是某個澳洲團隊拍的三部曲之一。 2012年6月某晚,我驚訝地發現在公仔箱裡看見替香港中華煤氣有限公司拍150週年廣告是搬字過紙的抄下來的版本。 做廣告或公關的朋友們,應該有多一點創意,要不然你們只是一個懂EAT和MOVE而不懂LEARN的騙飯吃的大飯筒而已!

So the original “LEARN” 旅行 的“行”

and the cloned DNA version for Towngas HK’s 150th anniversary
香港中華煤氣有限公司 150周年的抄襲廣告

the rest of the triology 三部曲之二 “學”:


and the mouthwatering EAT 三部曲之三 “吃”

June 4, 2012 in pictures


年輕人 les jeunes

年輕人 les jeunes

發表意見 exrpimer des idées

發表意見 exrpimer des idées

slogan 口號

slogan 口號

人山人海 quelle présence

人山人海 quelle présence

synchronisé  一致的

synchronisé 一致的

女神 la déesse

女神 la déesse

n'oubliez pas  不要忘記

n’oubliez pas 不要忘記

However, the artwork or protest outside of the venue, Victoria Park, or even Hong Kong, prove to be the most shocking visuals one can obtain this year related to the massacre 23 years ago.

 坦克 1 tank

坦克 1 tank

flesh and blood camouflaged in tranquility

and this tank below from the student protests in Montreal, in Spring 2012. You don’t need me to tell you where they got their inspiration from for their prop.還有2012之春從加拿大滿地可學潮傳來一幀十分震撼的照片(大概是四月底前拍的,示威者的靈感未呼之已出!)

et la plus choquante est l’installation qui fait partie des manifs de Printemps d’érable au Québec en 2012.

坦克 2 tank -  加拿大,蒙特利爾 Montréal, Canada

坦克 2 tank – 加拿大,蒙特利爾 Montréal, Canada

將會是一樣? Sera lo mismo ?

一年多前在北京看 哥雅 Francisco de Goya (1746-1828) 關於戰爭的展覽,裡面很多照片皆可以和二十三年前vi iv在北京發生的悲劇呼應。



Many of the etchings of Francisco de Goya from the exhibit Los Desastres y la fotografía de guerra relate fittingly and unfortunately with the bloody 4th June anniversary in modern Chinese history.

Cadavres piled up one after another
centuries ago in España
1989 in Tiananmen
One can’t but starts to wonder
that sera lo mismo
etched over time
an ugly curse on humanity

 Sera lo mismo  將會是一樣

Sera lo mismo 將會是一樣

from Los Desastres de la guerra 戰爭的災難 系列