le mal de terre en los tiempos de la corona





a seemingly unrelated song on citizen engagement and environmental pollution, but the snapshot of everyone in masks caught my attention and brought us back to the current covid-19 crisis. are our footprints too big that the present and further problems are unavoidable?

歲晚收爐至另行通告?temporarily closed til god knows when


neither typhoon signal number ten nor the prolific social movement of 2019 can barely touch upon the religiously capitalistic machinery of hong kong. then came covid-19, who made a steady and rapid ascent with the year of the rat, and like stepping on brakes did it achieve in sabotaging the capitalistic rat race with just a few dozens of cases and counting, in february 2020. whether it is tcm clinic, restaurant, bank or pharmacy, their branches in this shopping arcade which serves also as a ferry terminal to mainland china and macao decided to temporarily close the doors until perhaps the community outbreak of the virus retreats, if their leases last that long. what perplexed me was the lie a few of the notices posted “renovation” as the pretext, what were the management thinking? it wasn’t the company’s fault, but external, uncontrollable circumstances that require cost-cutting measures. if there is anything, it makes me think thrice about the integrity of these corporations for if they need a pretext foe something they didn’t do, imagine when they really make an error or put their customers in harms way, they probably would find tons of excuses to rid themselves of responsibility! so consumers beware, separating the good crops from the rotten few in the time of covid-19.

疑似黑社會人士 apparent triad member


alleged gangster, people like him bring shame to new territories folks, given i grew up and my parents devoted their youth and career in the NT.

gangster.jpg post-it portrait profiling pathetic psychopath personage


stonewall 50


it has been a busy june in hong kong. while cramped an occasional irrelevant post like the bread post into the fin-du-mois line up, this one jolted the hong kong protests aside as  june 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of of the stonewall uprising. the struggle is far from over if one looks at the gender, social, economic, racial, etc. discrimination directed at lgbqtsti people, still rampant and sometimes vicious.

just like the poster of audre lorde project reads “the history of stonewall is trans”, and to that we should add people of color (i.e. latina/o/x, africans/blacks in usa’s problematic lingo) as a substantial number of them were  among those courageous enough  to revolt against the police raid.

as with many movements, those who pushed through the front line, the most radical, the most marginalized did not see or had benefited minimally from the fruits of their struggle. sylvia rivera actually had relaunched street transvestite action revolutionaries  (S.T.A.R.) a year or so before the end of her life, if that’s benchmark to show how much and at the same time how little had been achieved, for the marginalized within the margins of the lgbtqtsti people.

with corporate pride events choking major cities, let’s not forget the trailblazers, the most discriminated among the discriminated, the STARS that they are, twinkling in the distance with their blessings. on the 50th anniversary of stonewall and looking ahead for lgbtqtsti rights, we need their visionary lights to guide as in the never ending quest for social and economic justice.

ps  alp’s statement:

grounding today with reflections from the past


venezuela, whom to trust?

a really depressing topic, given people don’t see juan guaido’s  ridiculous self-proclamation as president is an attempt of usa backed coup d’état. understandably, one might say, because mainstream media in usa and other nato states work like propaganda machines. however tale-telling finds and associations do appear, if one leaves no stone unturned. take this strange (or you might think outrageous) comparison to the 74th anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz camp and his thank you to the israeli pm.  if the war crimes committed to the palestinians serve well as an indicator, perhaps you will see through msm’s thick smog of fake news.


méchant 猙獰


pourquoi cet art national qui démontre normalement la beauté de la vie ou le bonheur montre un visage semblablement méchant? peut être c’est un cœur dur et froid qui fait une apparition non-déguisée.



partie 3 sur 3  des contes de mars 2018  texte original chinois par ‘oncle hung jai’

中文作者:雄仔叔叔    三月開古 原文 三之
ça donne l’air de grande amitié
ce petit terroir de voisin
en le passant, il me demande
ça va aujourd’hui?
peut-être un peu mieux
je débarrasse plus ma mère comme avant
m’arrête et la réponds prudemment
avec vieillissement on se sent fatigué
le scrutin supplémentaire d’aujourd’hui est franchement
une mauvaise nouvelle sans la dire
visant un tombe couvert de sol noir
il semble que un autre voisin
essaye de planter des gingembres
c’est vraiment une question de choix
quelqu’un a déjà coché ce p’tit terroir
bricoler sur place changeant du terroir à la maison
devient une affaire de millionnaire
je vois que leurs p’tits neveux
ne chassent plus parmi les terroirs et les eaux
je sais qu’il ne faut pas les forcer
mais je veux encore qu’ils sachent
ce vocabulaire qui le rend debout et inspiré
quel beau paysage
… … …

老之將至 人就是累