In their own words (2) 她/他之言 (二)

Germans do know how to cook, so said Okin. During his visit in Hong Kong, he found the resto on Pratt street.

He might what waits ahead of us in 21st century, where ethnic and national identities are mixed and not as apprently clear and simple as it seems. He is of Middle-Eastern breed but German born and feels 100% German or European.

How could you guess who he really is just by looking at the picture of him below taken at Chungking Mansion, one of the most diverse places in Hong Kong.

This is part 2 of In their own words 她/他之言

Oken @ ChungKing Mansion, Tsim Sha Tsui

Chinese diaspora in the USA 2011

Jean Quan won Oakland mayor’s race and became the first female Asian American mayor of a major city.

Almost immediately just days after, San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted Edwin Lee to succeed Gavin Newsom as mayor, as the latter was elected California’s lieutenant governor in November 2010. So this 2nd of the one-two punch put another Chinese American as a mayor for a city of real international caliber, San Francisco.

I haven’t really set foot in San Francisco apart from a one-time transit on the way from New York back to Hong Kong. However, for Asian Americans hungry for more visibility of their own. These are gigantic steps for them, just as Chang-Lien Tien became the the first Asian American chancellor of UC Berkeley to first Asian American United States Secretary of Energy, Dr. Steven Chu or Gary Locke as the secretary at the Department of Commerce. Well, at least the days of counting some congressmen/women from Hawaii or 2nd or 3rd line actors in Hollywood are over. Oops, was I being too harsh on the Asian-American community?

How xenophobic can America gets?
Even with Gary Locke as Secretary of Commerce, Steven Chu as Secretary for Energy, the downward spiralling economy in the U.S. led some organisations to resort to scaring people, exemplified by a video like this:

Even with an African American at the helm of the presidency of the land of the free, can you imagine a video depicting Afican professors in such a video if South Africa or some other nation is poise to become a superpower?

Coincidentally, I browsed through a book called “My mom is a fob” which originated as the linked blog. The foreward by Margaret Cho speaks volume of the discrimination faced by Asian-Americans then til now.

If instead of fear, the panicking Americans want an alternative look at China, perhaps they should check out this talk by Martin Jacques

With all the dust settled and what not, in the year 2011, Asians Americans are still shouldering the burden of perpetual immigrants, American born or not.

Sichuan Earthquake 3rd anniversary

512 3rd year anniversary , this mural I photographed in 2009 still stir up lots of emotions from that faithful day. (click image below for a bigger view)


512 mural in Hong Kong, as seen sometime in 2009

LOVE for those affected by 5.12 受影響者需要多一點愛

LOVE for those affected by 5.12 受影響者需要多一點愛

加拿大的90後 les post 1990s au Canada

八十後憤青?看看加拿大的九十後!香港人的眼光真的要放遠一點。加拿大最近一次全國選舉,新民主黨(New Democratic Party)在魁北克省從一個國會議員跳升至五十多個,把魁獨的Bloc Québécois、之前的全國反對黨自由黨打退及大致把執政保守黨排於魁省之外。最神奇的是有四位新進是蒙特利爾Montreal的麥基爾大學(McGill University)的大學生,廿歲出頭的他們第一次使用選民權投票便是自己同時當選的一屆。其中一位是calgary出生、懂英、法、廣東話三語的華裔Laurin Liu。她,名副其實是英“雌”出少年!

然而年紀最少當選國會議員是NDP的Université de Sherbrooke 十九歲學生Pierre-Luc Dusseault十九歲十一個月,比1974年Claude-André Lachance記錄性的廿年另三月更少一個季節。 雖然新議員負面的新聞也有,譬如有一個在Ottawa工作,父親是法語裔的Ruth Ellen Brosseau新紮議員在投票天是在美國的Las Vegas度假,而不是拉票。對她更多的問號是為甚麼她連基本法語交談也欠奉,而能在魁北克一個居民多是法語裔的選區出線。


Si vous avez suivi les élections au Canada le 2 mai 2011, vous devez être surprise comme moi sur les quelques premiers pour ce scrutin.

Le nombre de ‘jeune’ député(e)s élu(e)s. Ils sont VRAIMENT jeunes, né(e)s APRÈS 1990! La croissance de Nouveau Parti Démocrate comme le parti d’opposition officielle en déplaçant les Libéraux. Il y a des gens qui sont choqués par le fait que leurs élu(e)s sont si jeunes. Mais, si l’on réfléchit, sur un cadre de jeunes passionnés, motivés, qui vont bâtir pour une société plus verte, plus juste, etc., je me dis, pourquoi pas!

The History Boys vs. Notes on a Scandal

I had to opportunity to see two British films with secondary school settings within the past year. The History Boys, which was adapted from a screenplay. and Notes on a Scandal, originally a novel. The History Boys centred on a selected few of higher achievers of Upper Six students preparing for a place at Oxbridge, Notes focused on a school presumably with a more working class setting. What is interesting was several taboo themes that exist in the “real” non-film world of education. Homosexuality, of both the teachers as well as students and Teacher-student love affair.

英國人保守乎?抑或是開放乎? 本人最近觀看兩齣英國電影其內容皆是在吾國會成為爭議性的話題。退一步說,基本上這類題材的電影在本地上畫不易。說社會保守也罷、宗教也罷 就是沒有這樣的空間。當然我不是認同電影裏那些不同學生的越軌行為,只不過這些現實社會裡的問題,咱們還沒膽量放到公眾空間裡談論。