clean hands save lives

“clean hands save lives” is a book i received as a gift from an academic public health event but never got around to read. that changed earlier this year because of covid-19.  thanks to the virus, medical professionals and laymen alike talked non-stop about infections and how not to get infected. so a long-held simple fact’s importance resurfaced and became à la mode again, for unfortunate reasons. here you can download numerous versions of the book for free!



salud en los tiempos de la corona


plastic forceps, dressing tray, sterile field, non woven sponges… these things have been repeatedly consumed for the past six months on my dad, during the two hospitalizations and as well as the many community health nurses’ at-home follow-up services. owing to his old age, my dad did not have his gallbladder removed since he had this acute inflammation and fever in early November 2019. If he were 15 years or more younger, the surgeons would have removed that gallstone generating organ without second though, as i deduced simply by eavesdropping his ward neighbour. fortunately for him, that organ is apparently back to functioning after prolonged external tube draining, wound-dressing, etc. just one and a half week short of 6 months. if there is any advice for those of you have a weakness for unhealthy, greasy, low-fiber, dehydrated daily diet, my blunt and my-own-dad-tormented advice is DROP YOUR BAD HABITS WHILE YOU ARE STILL YOUNG(ER) AND SANE. it not only hurts your eventual caretakers, in this case mostly  my mom, and part-time-wise, me, additionally it will make taking any remedial actions almost impossible, as in my father’s case who has alzheimers and his stubborn,  deranged perceptions of his own well being or the lack of therein really has been painful and brings anguish to everyone involved. he gets a break now until his bad habits get the better of him in a few years time.

le mal de terre en los tiempos de la corona





a seemingly unrelated song on citizen engagement and environmental pollution, but the snapshot of everyone in masks caught my attention and brought us back to the current covid-19 crisis. are our footprints too big that the present and further problems are unavoidable?

Mangkhut 山竹

Mangkhut isn’t your typical fruit (name contributed by Thailand) and ravaged the Philippines (where over 100 lives perished) and led to chaos and damages in Hong Kong unseen in recent history.


Trees were found two months blocking passageways or dangling next to pavements.  If there is a take home message that get hammered from time to time yet ignored but the majority of the populace, it’s “climate change”. It’s here and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon and it might well get much worse.



印象中巴士服務很少在8號風球除下以後受阻,但山竹這次使到部份偏遠路線幾日、甚至一星期才恢復!Bus services never missed a bit for anything weaker than a No.8 typhoon signal were seriously disrupted for up to a week for certain remote routes, especially in the New Territories.


And on to the trees that fell, I was surprised to learn some were fragrant emitting agarwood-like that were uprooted. That certainly was the case near a bus terminal in my neighbourhood where many trees were down. A breeze with the pleasant scent not normally there signaled the end of those trees, which took years to grow to their considerable grandeur and more likely irreplaceable in this over-built city.




changing human nature

crispr in the news, and people are shocked and many condemned dr he jianhui for the gene editing done on the twin girls born.


this has  been a long way since ivf, the ethical conversations must always maintained and will continue. however, what is at stake is the potential billions of dollars involved to be gained for the “personal shopping experience” in manipulating our our body, which unfortunately are viewed upon but those people and companies and institutions with money  and power as revolutionizing or traumatizing the way we will be (as in humanoids or frankensteins), regardless of moral ethics. that, is my pessimistic prediction given the gmos in agri-alimentary businesses and pervasive and evasive nanotechnology stuff already running around!

webcasts for the 2nd international summit on human gene editing can be found here: