十月初 北緯四十九度的早晨秋風凜冽













mama said staying up late is not good for your liver…
some medical study claimed night owls have a higher chance of catching diabetes, given the former need to burn more energy and are likely to consume higher amount of carbs…
but late night in most cities bring out interesting characters…
the people (or the lack of), the landscape, the occasional drunks,
the homeless…

more relentless than others are the billboards and signs , the claws of global capitalism, shouting at you in the wee hours when other forms of communications are taking a break!

whatever brand name

from capitalistic middle and uppper class hipster sh*t to civil disobedience rage.

So this has been a weekend loaded with activities I attended haphazrdly. The Kowloon City Bookfair, which is running its 6th annual leg, finally fit into my junky, over-the-head, boisterous music-by-the-habourfront weekend. Organised by young literary connoisseurs, back by a creativity-oriented high school, a think tank, etc., the bookfair is a mélange of talks, roundtables, flea market, mini-bookfair and a mini-concert. Free of charge to everybody, coarse but ever-evolving, it’s what this overcrowded and over-developped city needs if Hong Kong were to slow down and smell some roses, or fresh air!

Thanks to a random gift of kindness, I set foot in West Kowloon waterfront for Clockenflap, probably the last time in a while by the West Kowloon waterfront since constructions will be swung into actions in the coming years.

My previous impression of this “music festival” has been some gweilos replicating rock concerts spiced with burning man. Upon entering I was upset with the overfloated plastic recycle bin with all types of trash. A day later however, a politically charged performance by “my little airport” sort of eased my displeasure. Well, in a non-perfect world, room for improvement is the key!



Écosse sous le microscope

Un pays Écosse libre?
Si c’était un jeu, les habitants du Québec et de la Catalunya seraient tellement jaloux de la situation à l’heure actuelle.

Personellement je pense que le Groenland a une chance plus solide avec le Royaume du Danemark que toutes les regions ou nations ou pays mentionnés ci-dessus.

Face au néolibéralisme, est-ce une vrai différence dans un Écosse indépendant? La vie des Écossais sera mieux? On ne sais plus, et on la verra!

Mon avis? Je n’aime pas des empires, surtout l’hypocrisie de tenir toujours Gibraltar et les îles Malouines ( ou Falkland Islands) et parler d’une société juste!

drapeau écossais

drapeau écossais

ole ola, mas nenhuma força

ole ola….

The dust has long settled after the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Football aside, the theme song and its video really sounded and looked heavily American, albeit international production. So much for Brazil’s backbone of photographing and fingerprinting Americans visitors knocking on their doors on arrival, when it comes to big money, multinationals still dictate how events are run or sponsored. This couldn’t be truer weird and somewhat vulgar and definitely violent (towards the end) parody which par hasard caught my attention today:

So the Brazilians spent all that money, threw in some false pride, garnished with cultural absence and misrepresentations and topped off with some posh infrastructures, et Voilà! Who eventually would benefit? Wait, Rio will host the Olympics in less than 48 months and the story keeps on fermenting itself.

and here’s the NFL or Miami-like original jingle.


幾個月前在媒體看見關於沙田 自助單車租借系統可行性的報導,剛剛好翻舊照片的時候發現某年關於單車和工業設計的戶外展覽,希望計劃不會只聞樓梯響,不見車到來啦!

自娛 馬拉松 s’amuser au marathon

Did I record this because of music or because of  marathon? Like most things in life,  it doesn’t have to be laid out in advance with precision.

So old your camera for some acoustic good vibes, even with few bystanders because it’s past 4 hours 3 minutes from the beginning of time and Indian summer took a day off because it was Sunday. Eventually, just eventually, if you are a patient observer, time, space, people, gesture, moves would fit into this three dimensonal jigsaw puzzle of fun.

hmmm something that MasterCard CANT buy, nor the numerous Olympic Gold medals would compare.


Avec une musique super conviviale qui chasse le froid et la fatigue, meme si c’est déjà 4h30min après le départ, un moment drôle et charmant nous arrivera, si l’on a assez de patience!

蘇屋邨的夕陽 sun setting So Uk

杜鵑, 海棠, 茶花, 彩雀, 百合, 牡丹, 劍蘭, 金松, 櫻桃, 蘭花, 石竹 楓林, 綠柳, 壽菊, 丁香。。。不要心邪,這不是某夜總會的小姐的別稱。當2012年初到最後時,香港的蘇屋邨也快走進歷史。一九六零年代建成的最後幾座也快要拆掉。 有陽光,有空間,有樹木的好環境,不知將來“再生”的蘇屋邨比得上舊的嗎?

As we leave 2012 behind, we bit farewell to So Uk Estate,one of the first housing estates in Hong Kong. The last of its remaining buildings will also leave the physical world and enter into history books.

In those earlier days of housing development, even the banal naming of housing blocks sounded much more elegant than the luxurious private condominiums these days…
Azalea, Begonia, Camelia, Larkspur, Lily, Lotus, Cedar, Cherry, Orchid, Gladiolus, Carnation, Peony, Maple, Willow, Marigold, Lilac… buildings all named after flowers, you can’t get really more elegant than that!

Goodbye 2012, goodbye another piece of Hong Kong history from the 20th century.

蘇屋邨 杜鵑樓 Azalea House, So Uk estate

蘇屋邨 杜鵑樓 Azalea House, So Uk estate

 name plaque

name plaque

蘇屋邨 (三), So Uk estate (3)

蘇屋邨 (三), So Uk estate (3)

蘇屋邨, So Uk estate (name in Chinese)

蘇屋邨, So Uk estate (name in Chinese)

垃圾裡的果 des fruits (de mer) de poubelle

Une des nouvelles expériences marquante 2012 pour moi est ‘faire de la récup‘ de nourriture. J’ai décidé de m’aventurer le soir de Noël, prémière fois dan la soirée d’une fête, pour vérifier tel grand nombre de bouffre l’on gaspille et de récupérer une peu de trésor.

'fruits' de mer glanées

‘fruits’ de mer glanées

Si ce n’est pas trop choquant, les photos suivantes montrent des ‘fruit’s (de mer) que j’ai glanées. De plus, des plats en plein coleurs faits entièrement de l’alimentation récuperée.

Sakhalin surf clam /北寄貝/Spisula,  scallop/带子/pétoncle, salmon/三文魚/saumon, octopus/八爪魚/poulpe...how much do we throw away otherwise daily?

Sakhalin surf clam /北寄貝/Spisula, scallop/带子/pétoncle, salmon/三文魚/saumon, octopus/八爪魚/poulpe…how much do we throw away otherwise daily?

Dumpster diving is one of my few guilty pleasures in practice. No I don’t need the food to survive but I like the freegan lifestyle and if along the way I help reduce waste, why NOT? These pictures are good for me, but horrific for our society-at-large. Chilled, nicely packaged seafood in absolutely edible condition
got thrown away in the holiday season. We made a full meal of salmon fried rice and Greek salad 100% from the ingredients ‘rescued’ from the dumpster! How decadent and wasteful Christmas has turned into?

riz frit au saumon - entièrement fait sur les récupérés

riz frit au saumon – entièrement fait sur les récupérés

垃圾裡的果? 海鮮的法語有“fruit”水果這字,那麼我就以“成果”的“果”來一題多寫。對,這餐飯是用百分百從垃圾桶插水回來的“收穫”煮出來。不可思議?絕對是真的!吾雖不窮至要討飯吃,但很多商家也這樣浪費你看得過眼嗎?

希臘沙律  Greek salad(e) grec... with salty Feta Cheese! Totally REcuperated. 這樣的食物,往垃圾桶裡倒難道不可惜嗎?

希臘沙律 Greek salad(e) grec… with salty Feta Cheese! Totally REcuperated. 這樣的食物,往垃圾桶裡倒難道不可惜嗎?

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