charlie en los tiempos de la corona

Charlie and the chocolate factory. A fantastic children’s book by a fantasic storyteller whose original text version I finally have a chance to read cover to cover (thanks in part to the pandemic), after seeing the two major studios film adaptations. The 1971 film with gene wilder I had seen from time to time on reruns every few years on TV. I didn’t dig deep about the moral lessons going on through the story but had found it nevertheless interesting with flamboyant costumes and songs. How could a kid NOT like chocolates?
Only in my adulthood did I learn that Roald Dahl had written many popular children’s books and the 2nd film adaptation with the wacky and dark interpretation of Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka resuscitated my curiosity of the oeuvre.

In the older days before politial correctness and extreme poverty-prosperity dichotomy, the five main characters are vividly sketched. The greedy boy who eats too much chocolate all the time, the competitive gum-chewing girl, the have-it-all spoiled lit’l princess, the obsessed TV watcher and the humble protagonist fit interestingly well into non-western cultures’ DOs and DONTs handbooks for kids pretty well. Think 弟子規。 It was a pleasure to read the original lines and compared Depp’s big screen version of Willy Wonka – eccentric, bitchy, and maybe even queerness (in modern day academia gobbledygook). The Oompa-Loompas numbers’ rhyming, merciless lyrics are so hilarious that unless you are the presumed dentist father of Willy Wonka, you are bound to love Charlie and the chocolate factory, adults or kids alike.

conspiracy (theories) en los tiempos de la corona

no es
el amor en los tiempos del cólera
conspiracy ( theories) en los tiempos de la corona

the war of words between china and usa involves pointing fingers at the origin of the covid-19 virus.

netizens pointed to the world military games 2019 which was held in wuhan, plus possibly a simulation exercise/conference involving big-shot business and public health leaders, cosponsored by johns hopkins university’s center for health security in october 2019. anyways, george gao, chief of chinese cdc and many high profile americans participated in the panel as seen in the video summary. i guess superpowers need to check their egos when it comes to reaching real global collaborations. trust it seems, is always easier said than done.

event 201 pandemic exercise





三:店舖一則 “新春快樂、萬事如意” 雖然字體如學生臨摹,但誠意搭夠。



2019 香港版 孤星淚

2014佔領中環時,極具資本主義的香港改編了百老匯歌劇裏can you hear the people sing? 我記得以前有人說過香港中產嘅離地點會爭取到自由?我從無看過孤星淚,meme pas la version originale textuelle de victor hugo, une oeuvre monumentale… 美國人改人哋嘅嘢本來俗套,多年前令我『耳』前一亮係susan boyle 參加britain got talent 唱過 I dreamed a dream。

這次2019年12月份的社區音樂會, 重唱百老匯歌劇裡多首歌曲,見與會者情緒激昂,雖然對細節不完全苟同(包括消費音樂劇來二次創作用來抗爭,那是否認同經濟上充離地嘅上等人之生活?又或壓軸的、對我來說太基督教味的《願榮光歸香港》– 禮、教不正正代表我對你錯、 我天堂你地獄,何來丁點民主和平等?),但亦能理解小市民對社會的期望。從期望,到行動,到包容最受壓迫的,條路尚有九曲十三彎。

opportunity cost of gallstones

stuck and caused acute inflammation. it happened with my dad, fortunately after i returned to hong kong after a one and a half month absence. it actually coincided with the big strike in november. 11 november, when tai po was cut off from kowloon traffic-wise and the ambulance transferring my dad to hospital took 45minutes to get there.

it also meant many "aller-retour" trip bringing me to two of my alma maters, numerous trips to buy medical supplies, etc. and is still ongoing. hopefully further stabalization leads to a more permanant solution.

terminal de cali 卡利 長途巴 總站

卡利巴士站離我住處不太遠,因此光天白日下膽粗粗拖行李走過去 。地圖上看見的行人隧道,谷歌都冇教你行。用隧道又多人,唔會覺得太靜不安全。



terminal de cali is pretty close to those in the granada area of the city. even though i stayed at the edge of the area, the hassle pf getting a "safe" taxi made me try walking there as i headed further south to popayan. there is very narrowly pedestrian tunnel in maps, which makes walking from estacion "las americas" of local mio buses a bleeze. the long distance bus terminal ia not new but nevertheless clean and alive with lots of restaurants and even a barber shop!

you will be bombarded by the aroma of freshly baked bread when you emerge from the street-side end of the tunnel.

慳儉旅者嘅食物 eating cheap

係哥倫比亞第三大城市卡利買咗牛奶 2850cop
lenteja 1750cop裡面好似有279 稅 。點解非奢侈品食物都有稅?
火腿 4000cop 無單,因為係sheraton對面亂咁定價嘅小商店。
麵包 2000cop

自己計匯率 cad 對cop 1cdn對2400cop
1hkd 對於 440cop

in cali, from different 24hr drug store, panaderia, and neighbourhood convenient store.

milk is slighly cheaper than canada.
that anemic package of jamon almost 2cdn
bread was ok as i bought it close to rnd of the day.
lentilles were not expensive, but why was that tax on it. does the colombian government wants its citizens keep on eating lots of deep fried and dalty food? not a clue!

biblioteca epm medellin 麥德林epm 圖書館

麥德林市中心 政府大樓一街之隔是 epm圖書館。名字來源冇去考究,但應該跟金錢上支持的基金有關。

那護照影印本可換張卡進入。 這裡藏書多與否不好說,但咖啡角收費不貴,有無線上網,面對 parque de las luces 光線充足,不失為一閱讀、寫作、或消磨一個懶洋洋下午的地方。

biblioteca epm surnommée après une fondation je suppose, est au centre de medellin, a deux pas des sièges sociaux des gouvernements et la parque de las luces. vous pouvez y visiter avec une pièce d’identiification. Les boissons tiennent des prix soutenablex. avec un espace allumé et une programmation riche, c’est un étape éloigné d’une passée triste de cette ville émergente.

hometown guy botero

con gentes feliz 1) the two shy but slick fellows by the giant head…

2) une fillette qui prend la position comme une petite mannequin… sous les yeux de papa et soeur…

3) 一個快樂家庭。。。。。。

all one can observe on a late monday afternoon in medellin. botero 係家鄉的公共空間嘅 democracia pública 如果我冇聽錯的話。