if time freezes 如時間停頓

man: honey, what r u lookin’ at?
woman: look at the guy sitting there!
dude(murmuring to himself): hey people, why the rush, slow down and smell the roses, or take in the scenery, or still better yet gimme some spare change for my round-the-world journey.

我看著你你看著我我看著你回望我感觸太多?!? 哈唔系啩 … 不過那句舊歌詞是我霎時想起的!

I ain't moving man, could you spare a dime? 你看著我,我看著你!

I ain’t moving man, could you spare a dime? 你看著我,我看著你!

as seen in Hong Kong

folie graffiti

working on the graffiti, albeit the frenzy.

in Shanghai, China

men @ work - on their graffiti, Shanghai

men @ work - on their graffiti, Shanghai


sheltered from the high rise

sheltered from the high rise

et à Montréal, Québec, Canada

sitting down @ work

sitting down @ work

beauté crée la bate

la beauté  qui crée la bête

la beauté qui crée la bête

folie graffti!

folie graffti!

少一點 less of



Un groupe militant de concitoyens, travailleurs sociaux, et intervenants ont établi en plein air dans la veille de Noël, une soirée hiverale un kiosque qui montait la problèmatique du service social à Hong Kong.
La mauvaise distribution de ressources. La stigmatisation des clients qui reçoivent de services. Les réligieux, les passants, les choristes, sont-ils vraiment au courant du dévéloppement et des problèmes?

少一點 less of

少一點 less of


錯誤分配資源 misdistribution of resources

錯誤分配資源 misdistribution of resources

not glamouring with colourful lights
pas du tout brillant mais quand même charmant

鞋盒做的聖誕樹 shoebox Christmas Tree

鞋盒做的聖誕樹 shoebox Christmas Tree

Beauty in the world

I’ve heard the video a few times over TV before I paid attention and found out the name of the song, the artist, where the video was shot, etc. Yes, heard it was, since I was multi-tasking like a central processing unit til the jingle-sounding melody finally unearthed my curiosity. Macy Gray didn’t pour me exactly my cup of mocha with her very popular single, I try,  dating back to the  her huge initial success with her first album. This latest, in 2010, Beauty in the world, videotaped at the Watt Towers, triggered another of my  sequential flashbacks linkages.

Watts Towers  up close, image from blangy.com

Watts Towers up close, image from blangy.com

Watts Towers, image from  filmforno.com

Watts Towers, image from filmforno.com

At first sight the Watts Towers reminded me of Antoni Gaudi’s la Sagrada Familia of Barcelona.  The former brought to my mind the very district that had seen the Watts Riots in the  1960s, which I learnt of almost three decades later during the riots that erupted after the acquittal of 4 policemen in the Rodney King beating in 1992. I didn’t know about the Watts Towers when I visited Los Angeles in 2002, I hadn’t been to Barcelona then ,  and I couldn’t have made any connections or had any architectual curiosity.


la Sagrada Familia, Barcelona from travelvivi.com

Aesthetics or architecture aside, positive impression I have all along of Watts is  U.S. Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who has been a prominent African American politician.  She had worked in the district as a teacher assistant long before her political career took off.

Do you see blue skies? do you see butterflies? And are you gonna pick your diamonds  pick your pearls, as chimed Macy Gray. ahhhh a feel-good song won’t hurt,  will it?

snapshots of Watts Towers

snapshots of Watts Towers, NOT to be confused with la Sagrada Familia

塗鴉: 夢想 graffiti: rêve / dream

graffiti, as seen in beijing, July2010

graffiti, as seen in beijing, July2010

塗鴉寫著/ comme écrit le graffiti / the graffiti reads:

19 歲生日在此許下心願

I came here for my dream.
Making a wish here on my 19th birthday.

Je suis ici pour réaliser mon rêve.
lorsque mon 19ème anniversaire.

Des grandes villes, dont Pékin, sont les destinations pour les milliers et milliers des gens partout du monde. Que pourriez vous faire si vous e^tes urbaniste?

Big and mega cities still attract millions of people regardless of countries or continents. Can they (the cities) sustain our future?