bye bye 2011

The world needs to go Rehab…. that’s my conclusion from the havoc in 2011:
The earthquake in Japan, the economic crisis in Europe. Trust me, 2012 will NOT get any better ‘cuz we are not changing the way we CONSUME in radical ways.

Environmental wise, rich countries don’t want to be responsible for the luxury that they enjoy having went through industrilisation whn polluting the planet. Take Canada, which quits Kyoto, probably because it doesn’t want to pay up $1,600 for each Canadian for failing green house gas emission targets in the Kyoto protocol. Truely shameful for all Canadians, myself included.

countries missing emission targets   減排不到位

countries missing emission targets 減排不到位

we have to face the music, not waiting til the morning after the NYE party, when people are plunged into post-holiday syndrome in ABBA style happy new year.

PS I was dancing to the Amy Winehouse’s number with a friend the night of 23 July 2011 in Van city, little did I know that was more likely a tribute to the “drug” queen, her nake name in local Chinese press back here in Hong Kong. C’est tellement triste!

If there was anything good, that came in 2011, it must be the Jasmine Revolution, but then UK, USA and France are looking at the black gold in certain places like vultures.

The new roller-coaster called 2012 is here, are you ready to ride?

he says shes says 2 她/他之言 (二)

random thoughts from people afar, following
In their own words (1) 她/他之言 (一)

Herr Okin of Deutschland…

Stereotypes are sometimes true, but they are only part of the stories.

Germans do know how to cook, so said Okin. During his visit in Hong Kong, Far East’s culinary capital, he proudly found a German resto, thus his homeland’s represenation, on Pratt street in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Okin might be what awaits us in 21st century, where ethnic and national identities are mixed and not as apprently clear and simple as it seems. He is of Middle-Eastern breed but German born and feels 100% German or European.

Amina de Barcelona…
Catalonians… 7 million… when the chinese visit, they would ask 7 million, what kinda hotel u wanna fit them into in china?

Equality of pay, no women ministers or PM… sexualised culture, etc.  that ‘s Espana stuck in patrimony.

Herr Okin, Deustchland

Okin in TST

Okin in TST

la bella de Espana

Amina de Barcelona

Amina de Barcelona


香港工黨成立了。名字雖然不必能代表甚麽前進、進步的思想,但他們已有媒體宣傳和實際行動。 要一個退步工黨的例子,諸君想想前英國首相-貝理雅(或譯布莱尔)Tony Blair在位時所作所為真是罄竹難書!


香港工黨抗議中電狂加電費  Labour Party of HK against  CLP's drastic electricity rate hike

香港工黨抗議中電狂加電費 Labour Party of HK against CLP's drastic electricity rate hike

... Scheme of Control... too greedy...

... Scheme of Control... too greedy...

另外是一杯十三元檸茶成本和利潤怎樣分配呢? 以下表面幽默但其實心酸的video內藏答案。

How much of your HK$13 lemon tea goes to whom? In a monopolised economy of Hong Kong, the harsh reality is not so funny as deplicted in this video by the newly formed Labour Party of Hong Kong. Let’s hope it is not just the one in the UK, given all the harm Tony Blair had done, hand in hand, with Bush during his ten years as prime minister!


論英語:英+美=加? USA+UK=Canada?

les particularités de l’anglais canadien? Je ne savais pas les circonstances uniques dans le langage quotidien de l’anglais canadien. Ce deux extraits de vidéos en cantonais font un bon résumé

加式英語之一 l’anglais canadien partie 1

加式英語之二 l’anglais canadien partie 2

chaque 100 seconds 每100秒

speaking of being TRASHY in the previous post, it’s time to look at a couple of jaw-dropping pictures of real trash!

每100秒,台北就會。。。 every 100 seconds, Taipei will

每100秒,台北就會。。。 every 100 seconds, Taipei will

堆出一座山 “create” a mountain

堆出一座山 “create” a mountain

I assure it will be equally “efficient” if not more so for other cities to throw out trash into “mountains” like this in every 100 seconds, or less. Now, do you STILL want to shop and give useless things to your friends and family?

all I want for Christmas is

this trashy video, as remarked by a friend.
I would, otherwise think that apart from Mariah dressed like a fully clothed Playboy playmate and seducing a teenage Bieber, the vocals were actually of passing grade. I can’t really blame Mariah Carey if you take a look at J Lo’s latest act on AMA. On the other hand, I generally have more issues with the consumerism metaphor behind buying, giving and or exchanging junk gifts with family and friends depicted this video, with sponsoring coupables Macy’s and Nintendo, arriving equally at a trashy conclusion LOL.


World AIDS Day, Tsim Sha Tsui in Red

Just when I wondered if the World AIDS Day would be neglected by silence in Hong Kong, the government surprised me with a concert at the outdoor space next to the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, although the star powers invoked were more of teenage idols for local secondary school students, with most of the participants sporting a red scarf, a “magnified” version of the red ribbon, said the organisers.

The Clocktower at the former Tsim Sha Tsui train terminal was beamed grotesquely red, which I overheard a passer-by uttering “wow scary” in Chinese.

clocktower in RED

clocktower in RED

Be scared of the disease, but not the people carrying the virus, is the message that has to be constantly reminded of over and over again until a cure is found!

bloody RED to refresh our memories of the long struggle against HIV and AIDS

bloody RED to refresh our memories of the long struggle against HIV and AIDS