new chinese yuan era?

Is China entering entering the new taiwan dollar era? No, I ain’t asking for your defaction nor showing any signs of habouring one myself. The reference is with respect to the soaring food prices in the past few years. Certain alimentary necessities have increased the price by as much as 40% over a short period of two years. Even though salaries for the lower segments of society are climbing as well, I don’t think they match that of inflation or simple greed of merchants, big names or small neighbourhood store. My dirt-cheap vegetarian lunch box used to cost me 6¥ a year ago, now it costs 8¥. I wouldn’t even calculate for you the depressing mathematics, unless the increase is the interest rate they are paying me for my deposits at the bank, which ISN’T. Enough wishful thinking!

Photos: menu at this humble resto has few things to offer for less than 10¥, hence the New Taiwan Dollar reference.