kamikaze-ly Krazy

kamikaze  神風敢死隊

kamikaze 神風敢死隊

i like Symphony Space in New York City, especially their Wall to Wall musical events. Fittingly, even though I haven’t been back in NYC for a while, I am still on their email list. Strangely a few days ago, I go this promotional email about an event with the word “kamikaze” in it. I don’t speak Japanese but the only nanosecond synaptic association I have is for the suicide attacks by the Japanese in WWII. Now maybe it has been sixty plus years so people’s sentiment changed, or became ignorant or got indifferent, it just seems insensitive to me a group name its acts using such a word. The actions of these suicidal pilots decades could be labelled heroic or demonic depending on whose side you are on. This event for me is simply bad-taste but Ms Westwood now has company.

kamikaze? 神風敢死隊? ai ya ya

kamikaze? 神風敢死隊? ai ya ya

preying on poverty?

Yes Westwood seems to a be “progressive” person. She has her successful entreprise and all the bells and whistles on her website about fairer trade stuff made in Africa. However I still find the imagery hard to swallow… and please don’t accuse me of over-invoking political correctness.