vi iv wikileaks cable

June 4 is around the corner. After years of controversies with Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange still in sort of house arrest, at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, it  came to my attention recently that some cables actually are related to the events surrounding the student uprising and culminating into the massacre on 4th June 1989.


The number of students killed might be different according to different accounts. Nevertheless, i felt chilled to the bone rereading some tense moments in the city through a “laowai”, whose mobility was probably more than the average citizen and was sure that minimal casualties through his eyewitness account were  at least in the hundreds in this sad saga of Chinese politics and reforms.



Snowden and Sinicisation of the States

If you are USA citizens (many nationalities are Americans, you don’t need me to lecture you in this particular post, do you?), you shouldn’t be so proud that gay marriage seems to be making grounds, nor that you have re-elected your first Black president for a second term. Nothing worth going jubilatory about.

Ari Fleischer, former press secretary of George W. Bush, had tweeted as around the time when Snowden’s leak surfaced:

“Drone strikes. Wiretaps. Gitmo. [Obama] is carrying out Bush’s 4th term. Yet he attacked Bush for violating Constitution,”

Well a few short notes for those of you, that might mean MOST of you who haven’t noticed.

Chinese dissidents flock to foreign media such as BBC, Radio Free Asia, RFI, VoA and the like when they have something to say.

And this time the news broke with The Guardian, a British newspaper, a foreign media for the people of ths USA. The journalist, who is American, seems to be based in Brazil these days. I bet North American soil is too safe and free for him these days.

While China has its Great Fire Wall to block out bad influence websites for her citizens, the USA seem to be catching up by blocking the entire Guardian website for troops stationed abroad.

Hmmm Did I say Sinicization?

And the rhetoric of US officials on Snowden while is not identical, but definitely rhymes with that diffused by the Chinese government when Liu Xiao Bo was honoured with the 2010 Nobel peace prize.

Perhaps Evo Morales was “meddling on the internal affairs” of the USA that the Western European countries citing technical or diplomatic difficulties and did not allow the president of Bolivia to pass through their airspace. Boy I thought “meddling on the internal affairs” is patented by the Chinese government. Apparently not, or Beijing failed to follow up with the ptent office.

hmmmm did I say Chinalization? LOL

I dunno whether Dick Cheney was correct on Snowden as a “Chinese” spy, but I am curious as to how much backbone the Nobel committee will have should Snowden receives a nomination for the Peace Prize in the coming years. Afterall, Obama had his during his first year in office.

So be faithful to your country, dear US of A citizens, for the government is doing everything to promote you and your liberty!

hmmmm Did I say Sinification?
Wait a minute, I might be wrong afterall. Google, whose offices in Beijing got a sea of flowers when Chinese netizens sent in their condolences. Google took the moral high ground to leave China because the Chinese government likes to breathe down the necks of her citizens. Now, by the same token, Google, MSN, Facebook and the like must find refuge somewhere OUTSIDE of the USA if NSA/Prism are acting like overprotective parents. But where could these companies go tomorrow?

See you in DC! Oops I really meant Peking LOL.

誰是阿爺?who’s grandpa?

Wilson Shieh 石家豪 ( a parodié plusieurs personnages chinois parmi des sphères de politique, de showbiz, etc. Cette fois, un organigramme des dirigeants chinois sur un tableau!

“Qui est grand-père?”, lit le grand titre. Un euphémisme pour ceux qui tiennt de vrai pouvoir! Même si la prochaine direction complète entre en fonction 100% bientôt en 2013, en remplaçant le courrant prémier ministre, par exemple, l’humeur caracaturé va durer long temps.

誰是阿爺?  石家豪

誰是阿爺? 石家豪


consommation mondialisée + langues

en français?
en anglais?
en chinois?
en japonais?


In English? French? Chinese? Japanese?

加一個Yu Mi,說起來多像中文的名字

Sushi est évidemment japonais
La description est en français
The name Yu Mi sounded bopomofo-ly Chinese
and this restaurant/caterer is located in Anglophone Westmount, on the island of Montréal.

Globalisation or localised-global-consumption-of-cultures gobbles you up then spit you out alive.

ahummmm, not the idéal gastronomic imagery if you gonna eat sushi or anything for that matter!

Français, English, 中文, 日本語???

Français, English, 中文, 日本語???

Now that I confused you with my rant on globalisation, may I say Bon appétit to make it up?

En passant de la mondialisation, je DOIS inclure deux vidéos de l’apprentissage des langues relié au français et au cantonnais. Si l’on vit dans un monde mondialisé, être polyglotte va vous préparer bien pour certains défis.

法語還是廣東話? 哈哈哈 一個Hyperpolyglot的妙語連珠,雖然他的法語有錯誤,但其水平比很多在蒙特利爾法語環境學法語的移民高出很多!

un japonais qui a un accent assez impeccable,這日本人非但法語不錯,其普通話也很標準。