Grevisse – le Bon Usage

je n’achète pas de livre normalement , mais j’étais ravi d’avoir découvert à Pékin une copie de Grevisse – le Bon Usage, usagée, 10ème  édition  apparue en 1975!

GREVISSE - le Bon Usage 10ème édition

GREVISSE - le Bon Usage 10ème édition

Devinez combien j’ai payé pour cette ¨’pierre’? Ouais, il est dur et lourd!

Préface de la 10e édition (1975)

Préface de la 10e édition (1975)

seulement 30 CN¥ ou 3 € (Euro)!
Comme je suis tellement content!

a capital in colours

How well do you know Beijing? Take a look at this collage and see how many of the landmarks depicted here.

Beijing as painted by teenagers

Beijing as painted by teenagers

Ironically, I wish the city could be more colourful as the tableau, rather than masked in a blanket of smog or smoke or whatever particulates that are air-borne.

PS: some architectal icons I identified are
Temple of Heaven
CCTV Headquarters
Forbidden City
Poly Plaza
plus two others which I await your answers as I don’t have a clue.

理想的家庭 famille idéale


理想的家庭  famille idéal(e) Family

理想的家庭 famille idéal(e) Family


姑勿論如何,三、四十歲的人不會眷戀他們爸媽的年代。八、九十後的大概在一日千里的發展中長大,也許不能領會簡樸生活的意義。 海報倒表達了年代的意識形態。

Pour un pays de tiers monde, un repas de quatre plats s’affiche un portrait imaginaire en 1954, auparavant le Grand Bond en avant. La famine qui s’est installée dans les années qui viennent était loin de cette propagande dedans.


Many people got married today, at least one hundred and thirty some couples, according to the government.  The figure is reliable because that’s the capactity of  local government Marriage Registries. Why such a rush. The sequence of “Ones” supposedly bringing good luck for connotations as such as one couple for living one life together as one unit etc.

I, on the other hand digged out old photos.

Taken on floor 11

十一樓 11étage

十一樓 11 étage

not necessarily on building 11, but they were both taken

from a foregone housing development in Kowloon, Hong Kong, on this special date!

十一座  Bâtiment No. 11

十一座 Bâtiment No. 11

There is one more playable date like this in this century in thirteen months: 2012-12-12.


Holistic Education

coarse excerpt of Satish Kumar’s talk on holistic education

the misconception of education is trying to fill up the empty bucket/ basket
a better metaphor from Kumar is
Bringing out what is INSIDE

Imagine the learner is a seed.
Work of gardener and orchard is to provide good water, environment, sunshine, protection, care, etc so the seed can grow
bringing self out of yourself.
Education is a journey of self-realisation.
unfortunately, spending $$$ on education is reduced to getting a degree then a job.
the education in UK is only read, write, math, which means education of the head only, negliging the body, mind, hands, etc.

The 3Hs for Holistic:




Malegram of relationships
schools fail to help you “develop” relationships
your heart for love, passion, generosity, emotions, etc.

15% of Form Six graduates DONT know how to boil an egg!

An artist is NOT a special kind of person but every person is a special artist. The biggest art is the art of living.
(People performing) knitting, cooking, crafting, architecture, etc. are artists.
Unconditional love, compassion, etc of apple tree – don’t refuse anymore
Universities filling us with knowledge, but depriving us of experiences.

problem of studying “about” nature and not “from” nature
worldview of conquering, using nature
this (philosophy of) human imperialism has to challenged
Rather, a partnership with nature – both GIVE and take. RECEIPOCITY
Human only give pollution, climate, global warming, etc.
Greatest teaching of Buddha is compassion.
If we’re related to call people we have to be compassionate with gratitude that we take from nature
Thank earthworms for burrowing the soil
Create your livelihood.

7 billion and counting

Reaching this human milestone is NOT a reason to celebrate.

I found the quote below very stimulating, regardless of your diet.

Truly, man is the king of beasts, for his brutality exceeds theirs. We live by the death of others: we are burial places! I have from an early age abjured the use of meat, and the time will come when men such as I will look on the murder of animals as they now look on the murder of men.

~Leonardo da Vinci

But then he might had been talking about the economic battelgrounds that led to all these “occupy Wall Street” and its variants. I would also put a monetary spin on this:

While we ourselves are the living graves of murdered beasts, how can we expect any ideal conditions on this earth?

~George Bernard Shaw

The “REAL” identity of the 7th billion person, be s/he Fillipino or Indian or Russian will always be a mystery, nevertheless I know for sure we are moving into unclear territory as this person reaches adulthood.

It is a VERY STEEP curve !

It is a VERY STEEP curve !